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For phonics we would like you to practise your blending of sounds. Below is a lesson which enables children to participate and carry out the activity at the end.

Learning to Blend


To link our Art, Topic and English lessons, we would like the children to select one of the images below and create five sentences about the scene they see before them. They MUST consider what they can see, what they might be able to smell, sounds they may hear and imagine what they could touch or even taste.

Year 1 - 5 sentences. They must start with a capital letter, have finger spaces between words, make sense and end with a full stop.

Year 2 - 5 Sentences. All features as above along with some adjectives (Describing words) and a conjunction (A word used to join two sentences together) within each one. Remember those commas if you are using multiple adjectives.


Carrying on from yesterday we would like you to use the resources provided (See below) to create a snowman. this snowman will be created using a range of shapes. Once you've created your snowman and stuck it onto your background, can you then label all the shapes that you have used.


We are looking at seasonal changes this half term.  Watch the video to learn all about the seasons, and practice what you've learned with the activity and quiz.

Following on from this....

Weather Watch 

♦What is the weather like today?


♦What is your favourite weather and why?


♦Draw a picture of the weather.    


We would like the children to learn the seven continents of the world. Below is a song to help them to learn them. Once they are starting to understand the names of the continents and their position on a map of the world. They can create a plate word. See image below.

Seven Continents Song

Create a plate world


We need children to be competent in their numberbonds. Initially we expect children to learn numberbonds to 10, then progress to numberbonds to 20. Following on they will use and apply their knowledge of such numberbonds to solve numberbonds to 100 and beyond.

Number Bonds to 10

Number Bonds to 20