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Easter bunny visited Yellow 5!

Maths: We have been finding the difference today using the column method and our subtraction boards with Base 10 equipment

In Geography we have been learning about the United Kingdom and have used maps and globes to identify the 7 continents of the World. We have created our own map using paper plates.

10/10 on Times tables this week!!!!

Red Nose Day homework superstars!

Art: we have been learning about the famous artist Picasso. Here are some examples of our fabulous work

World Book Day AMAZING work!

World Book Day: We had so much fun today. Our work will be shown very soon...

Hot Seating: Today we had the opportunity to ask Mr. Blackshaw, our school chef, questions that we had written in our English lessons. We learnt lots of things from him including how and why he became a chef and some of the ways he makes our food healthy.

Science: We have been learning all about the human life cycle. Look at our amazing drawings!

Science: We are learning all about the parts of the body. We worked well as a team to label the body today!