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We started our design process of looking at existing Saxon & Viking brooches & jewellery & having a go at sketching some of these out!

Another great art lesson this time using our fine painting and sketching skills to recreate different styles of Saxon brooches.


Some great work today looking at the kingdoms at around 739AD when the Saxons had around 7 kingdoms. The children designed their own shield and thought about which kingdom they might live in. At the end we played a guess who game to see what kingdom they were from and what job they had here as we also looked at ‘hierarchy’. I was really impressed that the children had remembered what this meant going back to their first topic on the ‘Ancient Maya’


In our first lesson we used drama to retell stories that including bullying incidents - this allowed us to put ourselves better into other people’s shoes and think about what things would feel like and what we could do to help.

We thought about the importance of being a good listener and how it makes people feel to be listened to or how it feels if someone is not listening to you.

We looked at different scenarios and discussed in groups and then a whole class what scenarios we thought were bullying/not bullying and why. 👫👭👬


🏐 Dodgeball Skills 🏐