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Here at Sparken Hill Academy we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to supporting families, not just our pupils. As well as the useful links below please see our Community Team page where you will find help, support and advice on a a variety of issues plus up to date information on our many Parent/Carer sessions and Drop-ins (currently on hold due to COVID 19 restrictions). 


Please click on the link below for lots more information on how we work alongside all families as part of our School Community.






 £1 Joining fee then £3.50 per week for £10 worth of food from Manton Children’s Centre. 

Ring 01159 773758 for more details or Text Karen on 07540 686381 for an application form



To qualify for the scheme you must meet at least one of the following

  • Live within 15 minutes walking distance of the centre
  • Work within 15 minutes of the centre

We need to see the following documents before you can join the scheme

Live within 15 minutes walking distance of the centre

  • Proof of residency – phone bill, utility bill
  • Photo ID – driving licence and or passport

Work within 15 minutes of the centre

  • Headed paper from employer or Copy of payslip or Photo ID

Rules for joining the scheme

  • £1 joining fee is payable annually from January
  • A weekly charge is payable of £3.50.  This will pay for a selection of groceries worth more than £10
  • A time slot will be given to you each week to collect your food
  • You will select a numbered ball which will determine when you can come the next week
  • All frozen and refrigerated food must be taken home in a chill bag(available to purchase for either £1 or £2 or bring your own)
  • Food must be for your own use
  • The food must not be returned to any of the retailers
  • Places will be limited and demand is expected to be high.  If you do not turn up for your slot, you may lose your place in the scheme
  • Only people over 16 named on the form can collect the food




Do you ever wonder how to get your child to listen?, or talk to them about their worries?, or literally wonder how to get through the next stage and phase of parenthood?. Try watching these video clips from Parentchannel TV/Family Lives for advice.