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Here at Sparken Hill Academy we pride ourselves on our holistic approach to supporting families, not just our pupils. As well as the useful links below please see our Community Team page where you will find help, support and advice on a a variety of issues plus up to date information on our many Parent/Carer sessions and Drop-ins (currently on hold due to COVID 19 restrictions) 

As parents and carers this is an unprecedented time of change and upheaval in not only managing the logistics of home schooling and work commitments but also for your own mental health and well being. Please click on the link below to access numerous free (plus some low cost) online courses that cover Mindfulness, Positive Thinking, Pilates, Creative writing plus many other practical courses. Remember you cant pour from an empty cup so take care of yourself.





Do you ever wonder how to get your child to listen?, or talk to them about their worries?, or literally wonder how to get through the next stage and phase of parenthood?. Try watching these video clips from Parentchannel TV/Family Lives for advice.