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Spring Term - Savage Stone Age

Stone Age inspired art techniques

Pupils have been enjoying using different techniques and mediums than they are used to. Pupils especially enjoyed drawing on the school walls (sorry Mr Lilley!) to experience and appreciate how difficult it must have been to draw on cave walls, with limited tools!

Stone Age artefacts and museum

An incredible look around the Creswell Crags museum. Pupils especially enjoy meeting the most complete skeleton of a baby hyena and sniffing the 12000 year old adult hyena poo!

Pupils got a bit messy during our Stone Age art session (sorry/not sorry parents!) pupils learnt about techniques used back in the Stone Age and made themselves some real cave art!

Pupils had a wonderful time working together to make a shelter, hunt, make fire and of course forage for their lunch!

The Reindeer tribe, saluting their leader before going off to explore a very special cave, which was used by people in the Stone Age!

in the cave, pupils looked at several artefacts and talked about the evidence of humans found there.

Making our own mould fossils

Pupils made there very own salt dough mould fossils today. We used shells and natural objects.

Stone Age Artefacts

Today we were archaeologists! Pupils dug up some Stone Age artefacts and discussed what they could have been used for, how they were made and which part of the Stone Age they might have been used in. Pupils were fascinated to learn more about each item. 

In this fantastic, practical investigation, pupils learnt all about different types of soils and their properties. Pupils timed how long it took water to pass through soils to determine their permeability. 

Division with regrouping & remainders!

Drawing on the table again!? It’s okay, it’s all part of pupils learning to divide numbers equally!

Bell Ball

As part of our learning about accessible sports, this week we’ve learnt about Goal Ball! This amazing sport has given us all a feel of what it might be like to play using only our sound and touch senses. It’s much trickier than you imagine!

Time Tables Madness!

Pupils have been super busy practising their times tables. They’ve been using their skills to compete against each other, and to compete nationally! How amazing is that?

Multiplication and division - exploring remainders using cubes

Pupils rose to the challenge today when faced with extending their knowledge of finding remainders! Pupils really enjoyed putting their times tables to the test and using the resources to work out/check their answers. Well done Green 1!

Pupils enjoying our lovely reading area - reading for pleasure!

Pupils love our daily whole class reading session, as well as the opportunity for quite, independent time in our peaceful book nook.  

Recapping part/whole models and doubling using counters

Some pupils enjoyed recapping previous learning today and looking at 'part/whole' models. They used these to help with some doubling. 

Exploring properties of different types of rocks

Do you know your igneous rocks from your metamorphic rocks!? Green 1 do! Today, pupils used their knowledge of rocks to explore which would solve certain problems. For example....if you need new roof tiles, Green 1 can tell you the most impermeable, smooth and lightweight rocks around. Need to build a new skate ramp? They can tell you the most durable rocks you could use. Through careful, fair test experiments, pupils planned and tested their hypothesis for each problem that needed solving. 

Exploring time lines of the Stone Age times - pupils enjoyed the challenge of representing the time with distance

Pupils built upon their knowledge of timeline today and broadened their understand of 'time'. This is a tricky concept to grasp for some, especially when looking at 'Prehistory'. Pupils discussed key dates in the three Stone Age periods and ordered them. Pupils them discussed the physical distance that should be placed between each date, if this was relative to the amount of time that's passed between each event. This sparked lots of fantastic discussion from pupils and it was lovely to see them so engaged. 

Grouping and sorting rocks based on their properties

Today we discussed the three main types of rocks; Metamorphic, Igneous, Sedimentary. Pupils compared and discussed the differences between them, grouping them based on their properties. 

Pupils exploring place value with counters

Place value exploration using varies manipulatives. Pupils enjoyed recapping the place value of 3 digit numbers. 

Fantastic PE - Gymnastics - Balancing

There are some extremely flexible, and well balanced, pupils in Green 1!