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sports day 2020 

Today was a little different than usual with the school only open to certain pupils due to COVID 19 and then those pupils were split into 4 different bubbles for  our year 6 Children,  3 bubbles for year 1 and 3 bubbles for our keyworker children in years 3 and 4.

We split the track and made sure every bubble had their own area to sit and their own equipment. In between each race children used hand sanitiser and all equipment was sprayed and wiped down. 
You will see from the pictures that it was a success, lots of smiling faces and great fun too. 
Points were awarded for first, second and third place. Every child  wore the coloured  bib of their house and could take part in as many races as they wanted to. 
To make the scoring fair Mr Johnson took note of how many times each house had been represented and divided their final score to come up with an average score overall. 
Year 6 overall winners were Balmoral 

Year 3&4 overall winners were Buckingham 

year 1 overall winners were Buckingham 

Year 5&6 Inter House Basketball Competition 

Thursday 13th February 2020

Year 5&6 have been learning the skills, rules and tactics of basketball this half term and to end the sessions all pupils had the opportunity to represent their house team. 






Intra school Boccia competition 

Tuesday 11th February 

Today Mrs Davies did a mini competition for the pupils that have been learning how to play Boccia. She has two intervention groups every Tuesday and 6 pupils in each group, they are now at the stage that they all can play and understand the rules and tactics. 
Well done to all of you and looking forward to hearing of your progress in the coming months.