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In the first of our forces ⬅️ and magnets 🧲 lessons we jotted down what we already know about forces and then we looked at the forces around us and how often we use them (push & pull). We even did some role play and made the actions we would do if we were pulling or pushing an object. We learnt that an object has to use a force on another object to make it start or stop. Our final challenge was an LBQ challenge on Forces, this really identified how much the children had learnt so far and deepened their thinking.

➡️ Acting out - the force of pushing ⬅️

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‘VocAPPulary’ take a look at our phones 📱… I provided the key vocabulary and children used dictionaries and Google search to write a definition.

Forces Investigation - testing friction - we tested toy cars along different surfaces to see how high we had to move the ramp up to make the car move. 🚗