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Continuing with, "Toys in Space" written by Mini Grey. .

Watch all until 4.15

Explain they are going to write a letter. They are going to pretend that they are Hoctopize. They are going to send a letter to all of the children explaining what they have done and apologising for taking their toys.


  1. Dear human child from plant Earth,
  2. Apology- What for?
  3. Why did you take it?
  4. Why are you returning them?
  5. Your promise for the future
  6. Sign off (Hoctopize).

Toys in Space- Book

English writing templates and supporting documents


Power Math Textbook.

Year 1

Year 2


In PE this week we would like you to practise some of your Yoga skills using the video link below, which is linked to our topic on Toys.

Toys, Trucks and Robot Yoga