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Inter House Basketball 2021 

Friday 17th December 

Today was  the last day of term and the last session of basketball with Ash from SUFC so it seemed appropriate to have a inter house competition. 
Altogether there were 8 teams , two from each house and each played 7 games. 
Overall winners were Windsor House by 1 point. Both Mr Johnson and Mrs Paton were impressed by the school games values on show by the pupils. Teamwork, Honesty, Respect, Determination we’re to be seen in abundance. 
well done everyone that took part. 

Year 5/6 Inter House Pop Lacrosse 🥍 

Today Wednesday 13th October 157 pupils from years 5/6 took part in a competition to determine the House that would win the 2021 Pop Lacrosse competition. 
Each class split into the four houses and then they all played each other. They were awarded 3 points fora win 2 points for a draw and 1 if they lost. Matches were 5 minutes each way and everyone in the team had to play at least e half of every match. Pop lacrosse is 5 a side and is a very fast moving game, the pupils in years 5/6 have been learning the skills and techniques needed to play during their PE lessons this halfterm. 
After each class had played their games the scores were added up and each house was awarded points depending on how well they had done. First place 40 2nd place 30 3rd place 20 and 4th place 10.

Then after all 5 classes had played and 30 games later the scores were added together. This years winners were Windsor, then Buckingham 2nd, Sandringham 3rd and Balmoral 4th. 

year 1&2 Sports Days 

Wednesday 21st July 2021

We changed things around again this year and decided to compete in classes and to trial a carousel style event based on a PEGS festival. The sports Crew and Mrs Paton met to decide the activities and tried to base them on what the pupils had covered that year in PE and adding a bit of a competitive element to it . Scoring was done by using school games values and marks out of 10. The children loved it and so did the staff once they knew which way round they were going !



Foundation stage sports day 

Tuesday 20th July 2021

This year we had a carousel of 10 different activities and the children split up into small groups of 5/6 children and spent 5 minutes on each activity. These were run by the sports crew and once again they did an amazing g job. 

year 3&4 Sports Day 

19th July 2021

Again we had to change things around and compete as a class rather than in houses but it worked really well. 
We had the same events as the year 5&6 sports day but had our School Sports Crew helping out with everything as well. I have to say they were absolutely amazing and a great help. 


Year 5&6 Sports Days 

Friday 16th July 


This year we had to change the format slightly due to COVID regulations and therefore we competed in classes rather than houses. We also added some field events too. This meant that at anyone time 12 pupils from each class were competing against each other. It was a great success and looking forward we will stick to this format. 



Year 5&6 Tennis Competition 

Tuesday 25th May 2021

This was our 3rd competition night this half term and again it was organised by our school sports crew. 
They set up the courts, marked them out numbers 1-5 and worked out that with 10 Pupils from their classes signed up that would be 9 matches per court. That made a total of 45 matches. 
It went really well and all of the sports crew worked as a team, they helped and encouraged their peers and were incredibly professional throughout. 


Year 3&4 Quad Kids Competition

Wednesday 12th May 2021


This was the second competition organised by our school sports crew. 
They worked out who would organise and run each event and made sure that they had all the necessary equipment  ready for it. 
Then they went to each class in  year 3&4 and explained everything to them. 
On the night there were 34 pupils from year 3&4 that signed up for the competition. 
Massive well done to all who took part and to our Sports Crew who are working really well together as a team. 

Inter Bubble, inter house year 5&6 Dodge Ball Competition 

On Thursday 1st April we held our Dodge Ball competition for years 5&6 who had been learning the skills and rules during their PE lessons this half term. 
with COVID rules things were a little bit different and each class had to have their own mini competition but at the end we added up all the score for a final winning team. 
Most importantly the pupils loved it and they all took part. 
well done to the winners of each competition.