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Spring 2 - Arctic Adventures


We have looked at the events of the Race to the South Pole between Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott. Firstly we ordered the images chronologically—using only five key events to structure our timeline. We then added more events to our structure. We then added captions to accompany the events on the timeline.


In this lesson we looked at two seasons: the Arctic summer and the Arctic winter. We compared them and then discussed the following within a small group and drew on our knowledge and understanding to answer the questions with reasons as to why we think this.



This lesson we worked practically, pretending to be a crocodile  (Crocodile eating the biggest number—as a way of remembering our More than, less than and equal to in math. We had huge amounts of fun eating our friends whilst learning about the three math concepts. By the end of the lesson we were familiar with the vocabulary and could use it effectively when taking about numbers.


Design Technology.

We tested our Inuit style boats, designed and made as part of our DT project. We quickly found out that cardboard wasn't the best material to make a boat from BUT the children had remembered that boats made were often sealed with skin and blubber from animals to make them waterproof and ensure that the skin stuck to the base of the boat. Nevertheless, we were impressed by how many actually floated for more than 30 seconds. We were also pleased that our boats represented a traditional Inuit style boat.