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Spring 1 - Arctic Adventures



In this lesson we tested our Inuit boats to see if they would float or sink. How amazing that every single 1 floated! We were very proud of our structures. 



In our DT lessons we have been working on creating our own Inuit boat. We first designed our boat, making sure to think about what materials we were going to use. This lesson we created our designs. Here are some finished ones. 



In our phonics lessons we have been working on phase 5. It has been tricky to identify which phase of a sound to choose in our writing. In this lesson we were working on distinguishing between the phase 3 “oi”  digraph and the phase 5 “oy” digraph. Here the children are sorting pictures with an “oi” or “oy” sound into the correct hoop. 



In our maths we have been learning all about numbers within 20. This lesson we were working out 1 more and 1 less using a tens frame and cubes. Here are some photos of us using our practical skills. 



In our English we have started a new story, “The bear who went BOO!”. We have been thinking about the sequence of the story in order to retell this in a future lesson. This lesson we used drama to retell the story. We worked in groups of 5, each taking a role and then presented in our group back to the whole class. Here are some photos. 



This lesson we logged into our chrome books and then into Google classroom. We are making ourselves familiar with this as it is something used frequently throughout school. We went into our class folder and then each made our own individual files with our names on. Here are some photos. 



In our RE lessons we have been learning about different Christian stories. This lesson we learnt about the lost sheep. We discussed what the story’s message is and thought about how we would feel if we lost something. Here are some photos of us sequencing the story in pairs. 



Geography WOW lesson. This lesson was culled of different activities surrounding the arctic. We looked at our small world and created a class word bank describing the arctic scene. We then passed around arctic animals which were frozen in ice to think about how cold the arctic would be. We then looked at a map and talked about the Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere and Equator. We finally sorted pictures onto the map (cold and hot countries). Here are some photos of our learning. 



In our science lessons we have been learning all about arctic animals and their characteristics. This lesson the children were identifying and classifying animals into different categories such as mammal, fish, bird, omnivore, herbivore, carnivore etc. Here are some photos of us sorting. 



In our maths lessons we have been looking at shape. This lesson we were thinking about what 2D shapes are printed from 3D shapes. Here are some children exploring this using paint. 



As part of our Arctic topic, the children are going to be researching animals on the chrome book. This lesson we learnt to log onto our chrome books and open up the chrome tab to find pictures of different arctic animals. We worked in groups of 2’s and 3’s in order to each have a full turn in using the chrome books. Here are some photos of our learning. 

PE lessons 

This half term we are doing Gymnastics in our lessons with Mrs Paton and Ice dance with Miss Mercer. 
In our gymnastics we have been working on shapes and looking at the 5 main gymnastics shapes which are Tuck, Straight, Pike, Straddle and Star. We had to perform these shapes on different apparatus.