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Savage Stone Age

Spring Term - Stone Age

This term our topic will be a history based topic focusing on a period of ‘prehistory’ ‘The Stone Age’ it was given this name as humans used primitive stone tools. It lasted nearly 2.5 million years and ended around 5,000 years ago when humans began working with metal and making tools and weapons from bronze.

The ‘Stone Age’ was split into 3 eras - Palaeolithic - Mesolithic - Neolithic.  

We will be visiting ‘Creswell Crags’ to help immerse ourselves in what life would have been like in the ‘Middle Palaeolithic’ era & help to develop our understanding of the changes from Stone Age to Bronze Age. 

In English we will read...

Reading and Sounds

Reading and Sounds

Some of our children have been exploring stories and books using our tuff tray. Each week we explore a new book and use the objects in the stories to explore vocabulary, retrieve information and retell the stories. 

P.E - Inclusive games - Goal Ball

P.E - Inclusive Games - Goal Ball

Each week the children have been trying inclusive sports and this week we played Goal Ball. This sport is played by people who are blind or visually impaired. The children had to listen for the bells inside the balls and try and stop the ball whilst they were blindfolded. 

Science: Properties of soils

Science: Properties of Soils

The children were investigating different types of soils to discover which ones were permeable. We looked at sandy soil, clay soil, chalk soil and loam soil. We had to use equipment to filter water through and time how long it took. 

Art: Rock Painting

Art: Rock Painting 

The children have been exploring drawing on different textures. They used charcoal on sandpaper, cardboard and even rocks! This gave the children the opportunity to understand what it was like drawing on cave walls.

P.E: Curling 

The children have been exploring inclusive sports and have loved trying new sports as well. This week we had a series of mini games based around curling. The children had to use their maths skills for keeping score and found it challenging to not use their dominating hand in some tasks. They tried really hard and enjoyed having a go. 

Art: Investigating what art materials were used in the Stone Age

Art: Investigating materials used for art in the Stone Age


The children were able to experiment with resources used by people during the Stone Age. They tried painting, using a stick as a paintbrush, with leaves, berries, charcoal, mud and ochre (ground rock). Some of the materials were hard to use but we had great fun mashing up the berries with sticks to create paint. 

Science: Investigating the properties of rocks

Science: Investigating the properties of different Rocks 


The children had 3 investigations to complete, which rocks were permeable, which were the hardest and which were the most durable. They used sandpaper, water and pins to test the rock types and then recorded their findings.

History: Stone Age Timeline

History: Stone Age Timeline


The children visited our large school timeline to identify when the Stone Age fits into history and where it is in relation to Maya Civilisation (our last topic). We then looked at some key events during the Stone Age and created a mini timeline.