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We are looking for Parent Champions - Could it be you??




If you are interested in helping us communicate with ALL parents then this could be for you.

Very little time commitment required....just termly coffee and cake catch ups and texts/phone calls/chats to pass on info.


There to help you get to the right person if you have a question, concern or interest in attending any family activities in school.




Parent/Carer voice is vital to help us offer a tailored package of fun and interesting activities that you can enjoy as a family or just for yourself. From Mums, Dads, and Grandparents to all other carers, we aim to offer an inclusive service that supports individuals in many areas from offering family craft and cooking courses to building confidence and self esteem sessions.


However, we need your opinion to help us build a programme of activities that suit you - so please let our Parent Champions know of anything you think may be of interest - this could be in relation to new or existing courses or even retraining signposting.


Our Parent Champions are all parents themselves so you will be able to catch them first thing in the mornings or at collection time in the playgrounds. Please feel free to chat to them and they will point you in the right direction!.




Meet our Parent Champions!