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Allergen and Dietary Requirements Information

Responsible catering at Sparken Hill Academy - we take our responsibility of catering for today’s children and young adults seriously. All of our dishes are prepared everyday using quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients that are responsibly sourced. As well as ensuring the food on the plate is healthy, we want our customers to understand the importance of eating the right foods and help them with their food and nutrition journey.


Don’t think that your child can’t enjoy our great food if they have a special diet - they are an important part of our catering service. We can provide food if they have an intolerance, an allergy, or require an alternative choice due to religious beliefs. Legislation requires caterers to provide allergen information on food sold that is served ‘unpackaged’.


Sparken Hill Academy already cater for lots of children with allergies and we regularly check the information from suppliers to see if there have been any ingredient changes. It is still important that our customers talk to us so we can work together and continue to provide meals that are safe for them to eat.


Parents are required to complete a Dietary Requirements form for their child when they first start with us at Sparken Hill Academy. Should your child's dietary needs change, please complete the form below and hand it in at the academy office. 


We will display your child's allergy requirements and a photo of your child on our 'Remember Me' board located in our catering office and provide them with a coded plate to ensure all staff involved in dinner service are aware of any allergies/dietary requirements.