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Creswell Crags


Creswell Crags 🪨 photo album 📸 

Firstly, I want to say a huge well done to all of the Green 2 Legends… impeccable behaviour & I’m blown away with the knowledge they have retained about the ‘Stone Age’ - this really impressed our guides today at the Crags. Proud teacher ⭐️



We had 3 different workshops ran by the trained guides at the Crags… one of the guides was an archaeologist which was absolutely amazing for the children to ask further questions too. 

1. Survival Skills (problem solving) with branches, leather, animal fur, & rope can you make a shelter. 

How to hunt using spears we even had a go at throwing the spears at a bison 🦬 (plastic bison that is 😉) 

Had a go at what it would have been like to make a fire (don’t worry one wasn’t actually made) 🔥



2. Stone Age art 

We had a go at using charcoal and pastels 

Creating hand cave paintings with ochre 

Carving and rubbings with flint in wood 

Painting with feathers 🪶


Visiting the caves! We got to go in a cave to experience what it was like to live in the caves, looking at tools, how they stayed safe from animals, clothing and more. We even linked back to our science looking at the sedimentary rock that was in the cave!