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Autumn 1 - The Great Fire Of London


This week in maths we have been sorting and grouping objects in a variety of ways using a set criteria or in out own way.


The Great Fire of London-Chronology

This week we have looked at the chronology of The Great Fire of London. We initially worked as group to order the key events before constructing a timeline. The children did really well and are really starting to recall key events.

HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Following the tragic news of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. We decided to discuss the Queen, who she was? What she did for our country? Her reign. Her family, her life and her beloved pets. We also discussed what happens following the Queen’s passing ( Lying in state/state funeral/new monarch etc) and what it means. We have discussed the significant objects of the crown, the orb and the sceptre and why they will be removed from the Queen.


The entire family here at Sparken Hill Academy join the Royal Family and the nation in their grief and offer the Royal Family our heartfelt condolences. 

Thank you your Majesty…..for everything. 


Drama: Retelling Events From The Past.

Today we used freeze frames to act out scenes from our English book, VLAD. The children thought about what people might have said, what they thought and emotions at the time. The children really loved this. Their ideas were fantastic.


London in 1666 v London Today

In History we have compared images of London in 1666 with London 2022. We have looked at similarities and differences. Transport, we found, has significantly changed along with types of buildings (we will look at this later on in our topic). We then sorted the images into two groups: London 2022 v London 1666.



In Mathematics we have been sorting objects. We have done this initially by categories given to us. Then we have explored other ways to sort items e.g. we've sorted by type, colour, number of legs, number of sides of shapes etc.

New Academic Year - New Topic

Our Topic for the Autumn Term is "The Great Fire Of London". In History, we have initially looked at when this historical event took place. We have used our school timeline to identify what came before and what followed. We have also looked at sequencing events within our own lives to give perspective on how long ago the Great Fire Of London was.



Here is snapshot from our Transition Day! Paint blowing, monster making, handwriting, caterpillar numbers, natural art faces and name creating!