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PE and School Sport

PE and School Sport, Health & Well-Being

The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Participating in this process allows schools to evaluate their PE provision and assists them in developing an action plan for future progress. Sparken Hill currently hold the Gold Mark and have done for the last three years.


The Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark is online self-review tool which provides schools with a nationally recognised badge of excellence for PE and school sport. The tool supports schools to audit their PE provision and identify priorities for their development plan.

The tool has been aligned to Ofsted guidance supporting the PE and Sport Premium and comprises a series of straightforward benchmarking statements, where you can select your level of provision in these areas:

  • Overall vision for PE, physical activity and school sport
  • Quality of PE
  • Quality of school sport
  • Quality of physical activity
  • Use of PE, physical activity and sport as a catalyst for wider learning.


Sparken Hill Academy currently hold the Gold Quality Mark.

PE Lessons


Each class will have two PE lessons a week, one with Mrs Paton our sports coach and the other with their class teacher. In order to minimise risks within our Covid procedures we are now asking parents to ensure that their child arrives at school in their PE kit and they will stay in their kit for the duration of that day. Therefore we limit the risk of changing and dressing in the classroom and items of clothing going missing. 

Please could parents ensure that no jewellery is worn on PE days, especially ear rings, necklaces and bracelets. 

We appreciate your cooperation with this .

Swimming Lessons 

Thursday from 9.15-12.15


Once again we are working with Worksop College and Superswimmers swim school to provide our school swimming lessons. Pupils will swim in groups of 10 with a ratio of 1:4 maximum with a swimming instructor. We employ 3 swimming teachers who are based in the pool with the pupils and 4 members of staff who are on poolside. 

Pupils will get the first opportunity to go swimming in year 3 and again in year 4. Our aim is that by the end of year 4 every child can swim 25m in at least two different strokes and has also completed a water safety assessment program.

During these unprecedented times we are asking parents to make sure that their child arrives at school with their costume already on. Wear PE kit over the top as this is easier to change into afterwards. Bring a towel and underwear in a named bag ( preferably a bag for life) this will make things a lot easier for your child when putting their clothes into their bag on the poolside. 

Any queries or question re swimming lessons please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Paton.



PE lesson timetable with Mrs Paton 2020-2021



Wednesday Thursday  Friday

Mrs Marshal

Miss Edwards

Miss Chambers

Mr Phillips

Mrs Walker 


Mrs Phoenix

Mrs Saul

Miss Ives

Mrs Palmer

Mrs Dent 

Mrs Walker

Key Stage 1

Mrs Moore

Miss Jones

Mrs Cahill/ Leavesly

Mrs Parker

!rs Esvadi 


Year 5/6

Mrs O’Malley

Mr Johnson

Mrs Godfrey

Mrs Shaw

Mrs Rodgers



PE lessons with Class Teacher 

Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday 
Mr Johnson  Mrs Rodgers   Mrs Leavesly  Mrs Brentnall 
Mrs OMalley  Mrs Shaw    Mrs Coxon  Mrs Marshall
  Mrs Godfrey    Mrs Padley  Miss Chambers 
      Mrs Asvadi  Mr Phillips 
      Miss Jones Miss Walker 


PE lessons Autumn Term 1 2020

Year 5 and 6  Handball  Football 
Year 1 and 2  Real PE  Multi sports 
Year 3 and 4  Quick Sticks Hockey  Football with SUFC or Swimming 


PE lessons Autumn Term 2 

Year 1&2 Real PE  Dance or SUFC multi skills 
Year 3&4 Real PE   Dance or swimming 
Year 5&6  Real PE  Dance 


Summer Term 1 

Foundation  Real Foundations   
KS1 year 1&2  Net wall  Gymnastics 
LKS2 year 3&4 Quad Kids  Multi Skills / Football with SUFC 
UKS2 year 5&6 Tag Rugby  Tennis 


Premier League Primary Stars 

This year we are working again  with Sheffield United FC and their community coaches to provide extra coaching sessions and lessons. Every Friday Ash Ibbotson comes into school for the day and works with all of our children. Ash also runs various lunchtime intervention clubs working with selected pupils. 

As part of the package with Premier Stars our pupils attend various events throughout the year at St Georges Park and Bramall Lane. 

Sports Days 2021

This has been an interesting year Sports wise with all the COVID regulations. We wanted to try and give our pupils a sports day to look forward to. This meant we had to change the format and that parents couldn’t be there to cheer on but on the whole all-of  the sports days have been a great success.