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Friday 17th June 

Final arrangements for next week, equipment needed and jobs to do. Invited 7 more pupils from years 3&4 to join the crew and welcomed them in. Year 6 will work with them next week and look after them. 

Friday 10th June 

Today we looked at sports days and the activities, what needed changing if anything.
Then split 8th pairs to decide which activity to organise for KS1. 
Ten activities in total all related to  what they have been learning in their lessons. 

Next we sorted out who was available to help with FS sports days and timings etc. 

Friday 20th May 

Today we sorted out the activities for next weeks jubilee celebrations. In KS1 the crew are all organising an activity for a jubilee carousel of fun. They decided what they wanted to do and worked out equipment needed etc. 

Then we talked about the 5&6 celebrations and are going to have a day of Interhouse competitions. All year 5 in the morning and year 6 in the afternoon.  

April 29th

Question today was re lunchtimes and activities that we could organise. Also some after school inter House competitions for years 3/4 and 5/6 which am be related to what they are learning  in PE this term.

22nd April 

Well what superstars our crew were on Tuesday, I’m so proud of them all. Other schools dropped out and we ended up running 10 activities. See photos below. 

April 1st 

Started working on the KS1 multi sports festival which is the first week back after Easter. Kate our SGO told us via a teams meeting what activities she wanted our crew to lead and between them all they arranged who would do what. 

March 18th 

Finalised the Jubilee ideas and each of them explained their competition and how it worked. Wrote it all down and gave a copy to Mr Lilley and Mr Johnson. 

March 4th 

Quick meeting today as a football match after wards. 
checked up on how personal best area was going, had more ideas for jubilee and inter house competitions. 

Friday 3rd September 2021


Meeting today was to discuss lunchtime activities and decide which crew would work on which days. 
We split into 5 teams and all chose an activity fir their team the following week. 

Friday 10th September 2021

We discussed what worked well and and any issues or problems from this weeks lunchtime activities. 
Quite a few of the groups had problems with certain children spoiling their activities. 

Mrs Paton spoke to those children and their teachers and explained the consequences if this were to happen again.

We then decided to trial another week but this time each crew would decide on the day what activity to do. 

Hoodies were also handed out today. Everyone now has their own but Jack said his was to small and Khloe's was to big so they arranged to swap. 


Friday 17th September 

Today’s meeting was to discuss new ways to get more people involved in house sports and it was decided that we would hold a competition after school and each of the leaders would speak to their class and try to encourage them to take part. 
Then we looked at which sports to play and who would like to umpire and referee these. 


Bassetlaw Schools Sports Crew Meeting 

Today our year 5 crew spent the morning with Kate Voice our SGO and sports crew teams from other schools in the area. They started working on different ideas and projects and how to interview sports personalities. 
Then each school was assigned a project to create their own activity that they would then have to coach, support and help out with at a schools KS1 festival. 

Bassetlaw Sports Crew Meeting

Friday 1st October 

Things are going well outside, however still some issues with other. Children spoiling the activities. 
Decided that they would be invited to run their own activity along with a crew member. 
Issuing Dojo’s is becoming an issue with some staff so we are going to use house points instead. 


Friday 8th October 

Todays meeting was all about blogging. 
 We looked at the School Games website and then discussed how to blog and what makes a good blog. 


Friday 14th January 2022

In todays meeting we discussed ideas for another inter house event for both years 3/4 and 5/6.

because of the rise in cases of covid we can not play any matches or sports against other schools so have decided to create our own competition.

Friday 11th February 

Well it’s been a very tough few weeks with covid raging through school and today was the first time that all our crew were in school and back together again. Today we started to plan some Inter House competitions that we could run as part of our school plans for the Queens platinum jubilee celebrations. The House captains and school captains were invited along to the meeting too. Each team have been given the task of thinking about an activity that the whole school could join in, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a sports event either. 
I can’t wait to listen to their ideas once we get back from half term !!