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Week Commencing 16th November


This week Year 4 are learning about time. Below is a link to a sequence of online lessons and activities to complete.

Multiplication-Column method

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This week we are continuing our work on 'There's a Rangtan in my Bedroom'.  Watch the video here.

We are going to be practising our SPaG skills in class this week to pick up on some mistakes that we have been making in class.

Lesson 1: You will be looking at determiners and making the correct choice of an or a.  You will then be up-levelling some sentences incorporating these.

Lesson 2: You will be looking at contractions, and how transform formal phrases into informal contractions using an apostrophe.  Again, you will then up-level some sentences to contain these.

Lesson 3: This session will involve you learning to replace repeated nouns with pronouns to make your writing less repetitive. 

Lesson 4: In this session you will need to apply some of the skills you have learned and some existing knowledge.  You will need to check for any errors in my work and re-write it to make it better.  MISS A LINE IN-BETWEEN EACH LINE so that you can go back and edit/improve your work at the end.


Lesson 1 - Determiners (a/an)

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Lesson 2 - Contractions (apostropes)

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Lesson 3 - Pronouns

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Guided Reading - Part 1

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Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo

Guided Reading - Part 2

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Butterfly Lion by Micahael Morpurgo

The Aztecs

We are continuing our work on the Aztecs.  This week we are looking at Aztec society.  You will need to watch the Power Point and then complete the activity.


Choose a book from home and use the AR Book Finder link below to check the ZPD is in your range. Try to read for 15 minutes per day. When you've finished your book, you can then quiz on this book using the AR website. The link is below. If you are struggling to find a book at home, there is a selection of books on the Active Learn site for you to read at your level. 


Weekly spellings are available on your class Dojo pages. 


  • Class Dojo You can log in to class Dojo with this link. If you need a reminder of your log in details, please contact the support email


This half term we are learning about the different states of matter - solids, liquids and gases. The link below takes you to some online lessons and activities.


Physical Education


Children and young people should engage in moderate-to-vigorous intensity physical activity for an average
of at least 60 minutes per day across the week. This weekly resource will give simple ideas on how to be
physically active with a different sport theme for 30 of those minutes each day.