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Victorian Christmas at Newstead Abbey

As part of Year 5/6's History Topic 'Victorian Christmas' in the Autumn 2 Term - we visited 'Newstead Abbey'. Newstead Abbey is a historic house & abbey in our local area and over 800 years old! During the Victorian Era the house was sold to the Webb family. Leaving behind Victorian room settings, paintings, letters, diaries & various other artefacts. We were able to visit and immerse ourselves in the lives of the 'Webb Family' and even more special, what life would have been like for the family during Christmas time. This also allowed us to compare and contrast the lives of different roles in the household and explore how their time would have been! 

We dressed up in Victorian clothes to fully feel apart of the experience. We had some amazing guides who played the different roles and people of the house. 


Some of the workshops included:

- Parlour Games      - Entertainment      -Victorian Toys     -Christmas Traditions.