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Foundation Subjects


Today we started our new geography unit… 

We used google Earth to recap what continent we live in, country, region, county, district & town. Then we also looked on google maps to find our home address. 
We also looked at the 8 points of a compass and how we would use a compass to navigate our route back to our house from school. 
Here we are facing various compass points… 

Here is our working geography wall taking shape, we can’t wait to add our map work and local area study to this area…

Take a look at our sketch maps of the local area around our school we have highlighted landmarks & marked street names. We also added our compasses 🧭 to remind us the direction landmarks are in from our school…

Another fantastic geography lesson… this time we looked at OS maps of Worksop and it’s surrounding areas. We really enjoyed recognising the local landmarks around us. We then started to learn about 4 point grid references, we found the grid references of our school, train station, hospital & home addresses. Really proud of how great they did on this activity.

Activity 2 - recognising OS map symbols and spotting the OS map symbols in our local area and recalling what they are representing


Basketball lesson ☝️ 🏀 - here we are practicing our shooting. Some great shots on target 🏀

Orienteering - using a key could we recreate a ‘funny face’ from each other’s leaderships.

Basketball - Lesson 3 - practicing chest pass, passing in a group, dribbling and then a mini game to end.

Handball Festival @ Retford Oaks - some superstars of Green 2 representing the school!


Some of Green 2’s fabulous artwork we are going to be studying a new artist called Andy Goldsworthy who is famous for his artwork & sculptures in natural art. This lesson looked at a natural colour palette 🎨

We have been really enjoying their art this term. This week we looked at using pressed flowers like the artist Andy Goldsworthy who uses nature in his artwork. We also explored the different natural colour palettes we would need to paint our own flowers.


Lesson 1 we looked at the 4 main types of pollution… air, light, water & noise. We discussed the terms global warming & the effects on the o-zone layer. We created posters and instead of just highlighting the problems we also thought of solutions & looked at what countries around the world are putting in place to stop global warming.

This morning we looked at recycling ♻️ and which bins we should put our rubbish in, in order to be recycled. 🗑 We all learnt a lot and the children can’t wait to share with you which bin you should be using! Even I learnt a lot! Remember the 3 R’s Reduce Reuse Recycle ♻️