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Autumn Term

Our Christmas Elves, busy crafting Christmas cards

Starting our multiplication and division unit

Addition and Subtraction with bar modelling

PE - Balancing Skills

Bar modelling subtraction - pupils using a variety of methods to work out!

Subtraction with exchanging - children developing their understanding of exchanging 1’s for 10’s and 10’s for 100’s.

Children in Need!

PSHE - A fantastic discussion about safe and unsafe contact and how to give or deny consent effectively.

Column addition with exchanging!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park!

African Dance!

Maths - Column method addition and subtraction ninjaring!

Geography - Lines of latitude and longitude

This week we’ve been learning about non chronological reports!

RSHE - Today we have had a fantastic class discussion about stereotypes. Pupils learnt about what a stereotype is, we explored where they may come from and the harmful implications they could have. 

Exploring stereotypes!