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Today is national ‘Time to Talk’ day - encouraging dialogue as part of all of our well-being.

In support of this, we have decided that we will have a day of limiting screen time and setting the children some tasks to do that support their well-being. We will continue with our scheduled zooms today as normal as we recognise the ‘connection’ of zoom is so important for many of the children and then you can try any of these suggestions of how the rest of the day can be spent.

Please feel free to do the work allocated (below) but we would like today to be as screen-free as possible!

Take photos of your activities and we'll post them on our Twitter feed!!

Good Luck! 



Enjoy drawing? Follow these links to express your thoughts and feelings in a creative way.




For our younger children, why not explore different feelings and Dr Radha Modgil and the gang?

EYFS / KS1: Feeling Better - BBC Teach


Follow the link and scroll down to find some mindfulness clips:

Mindfulness Activities for Kids - Headspace


Keep fit and active with: 

joe wicks classroom workout - YouTube 

Cosmic Kids Yoga - YouTube

The Daily Mile | UK


Missing the outdoors during lockdown? Find some fun and interesting ways to bring nature indoors

Bringing the sunshine inside / RHS Campaign for School Gardening


Enjoy some free books, quizzes, videos or even learn how to draw some of your favourite characters at 

Have some fun | BookTrust


For fun stories and nursery rhymes for our younger children, visit: 

Hometime for children 5 and under | BookTrust



Over the next two weeks we will be learning the skills needed to write our very own Non-chronological report about Skara Brae, an ancient Neolithic village found in Orkney, Scotland.

Year 3/4: Skara Brae - Non-Chronological Report

Use this video to help you with this week's learning.

Thursday's Activity

To understand how to put the correct information under the correct sub-headings, sort these facts under the correct sub-heading.  Cut out the boxes of information and place them under the correct sub-headings.  


Y34 Capacity Lesson 4


This week we would like you to become researchers. We would like you to use the PowerPoint about the Skara Brae and the QR codes/website links to find as much information as possible. how you present your findings is up to you. You may want to group them under sub headings, create a mind map etc.