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Intra School Tennis Competition 

Thursday 5th December 2019

Today 4 teams competed in a mini tennis competition with Vincent and Mrs Paton. Each team consisted of 2 players  and they had 4 different tennis themed games. At the end they all played each other too. Winning team was Maya and Amelia. 

Year 4 inter house swimming gala

Friday 18th October 

Today over 30 pupilsfrom year 4 took part in a mini gala to celebrate their final swimming sessions this term. 

Everyone loved it and particularly loved the whole part of being a team and cheering each other on. Teachers from super swimmers were in the pool to help out and the whole event went without a hitch. Overall winners were Windsor with 390 points, 2nd place Balmoral 380 points, joint 3rd Sandringham and Buckingham with 370 points each.

Year 6 Inter House Pop Lacrosse Competition 

Thursday 17th October 2019

This was another successful competition which was organised by our sports crew. There were five teams in total that took part, two from Sandringham and 1 each from the other houses. Each team played 4 matches and played 10 minutes per match. Overall winners were Sandringham Team2.

Year 5 Inter house pop lacrosse competition 

Thursday 17th October 2019


Today 31 pupils from year 5 took part in this competition. It was the final week of our pop lacrosse lessons In PE  and this was a fitting conclusion to the 6 weeks of coaching, skills and techniques learned in the lessons.

There were 5 teams altogether, 2 from Buckingham and 1 each from the other houses. 

Everyone played 4 games each and got plenty of pitch time. Congratulations to Buckingham Team 2 who were the overall winners.

Year 3&4 Inter House Tag Rugby Competition 

Wednesday 11th October 

This afternoons competition was amazingly well organised by our school Sports Crew and Mrs Paton. The pupils managed and refereed the games and did a superb job. There were 8 teams altogether which meant 64 pupils on 4 different pitches. 

Windsor House Team 2 were the overall winners. 

Foundation sports day 2019

Thursday 4th July 


Really great weather and fantastic support from parents made this a great event. All the children took part and they all loved every minute of it. Sports Crew were amazing and helped out and supporting the children.

Year 5/6 Sports Day 2019

1st July


This year we added 3 field events into the sports day schedule and it worked out really well. So we added standing long jump, nerf howler throw and target throw. Doing this meant more pupils had more opportunities and those that don’t necessarily like running could still take part and be part of the house team. 

Year 1/2 Sports Day 2019

Monday 1st July


This was another huge success, the pupils all took part and enjoyed the whole occasion. Thefueld events worked well and kept everyone busy. A massive thank you to our sports leaders for all their help. 

Year 3/4 Sports Day 2019


This year we changed things a bit. We had both track and field events happening at the same time. This meant more children taking part overall. Everyone had a great time and the atmosphere was amazing. 


Sandringham 890 1st
Windsor 850 2nd
Balmoral 830 3rd
Buckingham 810 4th


Year 5 & 6 Inter House Pop Lacrosse 


29th March 2019

This years tournament was another great success and was well organised by our sportscrew. In total 47 pupils took part, split between the four houses. 

The captains decided to have 7 a side rather than 5 aside which gave more people chance to play. The results are in the table below. 

House  win Draw Lost  Total 
Windsor 2 0 1 7
Balmoral  0 0 3 3
Buckingham  1 0 2 5
Sandringham 3 0 0 9


Pop Lacrosse Winners 2019