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Christmas at Sparken Hill

Christmas is a Sparken Hill tradition, celebrated in style. Due to Covid this year we took the decision not to perform to parents but instead create a memorable video of KS1 singing a selection of Christmas Songs/Carols. We have had a visit from a "Good" elf who brought us some delicious treats. We had a delicious Christmas lunch catered by our finest chefs. We had a party afternoon filled with fun, laughter and festive spirit.

Jack and The Beanstalk - Theatre Company Production

This week, as part of Sparken Hill's festivities we have had the pleasure to watch Jack and The Beanstalk. It was an hilarious light hearted adaptation of a true classic. The children in Yellow 3 were very lucky to go back stage, look at some of the props, talk to the cast and look at the lights and sounds are controlled.

Physical Education -  Dance

This term, as part of our second PE slot, we have been working on a Winter Wonderland dance. the children have built up, week by week the skills and learnt the choreography to accompany the music. Thank you Miss Edwards for your super skills.

Remembrance Day 2021

This week we have looked at the significance and importance of Remembrance Day. The class have an understanding of why we commemorate this day, why Poppies are the symbolic and what happens on Remembrance Sunday.


The children completed a range of activities linked to Remembrance; phonics, maths, DT -Making poppy biscuits and art.

 Odd Sock Day

As part of Anti-Bullying week the children have participated in "Odd Sock Day". It was a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique. The children engaged in a range of activities to develop their understanding of what bullying is and what to do if we were a victim of bullying. They were reminded about our schools STOP campaign (Several Times On Purpose - Start Telling Other People) which is utilised in school.

Geography/Science - Seasons

We have been exploring the different seasons this week and looking at people, places or things associated with specific seasons.

Children In Need

This week we have helped to raise money for Children In Need. We came to school in either something spotty or wore Children In Need branded clothing. All of the children donated £1 for dressing up. The children carried out some fun activities and learnt how their contributions went towards helping millions of children.