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Week Beginning 24/1/22



Please access your child's maths work book by logging onto Active Learn -

We feel this would be a much more productive way of supporting your child to keep up, rather than catching up. 

We complete 1 lesson each day. If your child is not sure where they have worked up to or need a log in reminder, please contact your child's class teacher via class dojo.




This week we are using a picture book for our stimulus. You can access an online version of this book here The Journey


Over this week, pupils need to retell the story for this picture book, focusing on using ambitious vocabulary and trying to extend their sentences using conjunctions (and, but, so, because, although, even though, furthermore etc). 


They could do this in writing, or could even perform it on video/audio!


The resources below are to support you and your child during this activity. They should think carefully about how they will begin their story (One dreary, ordinary day...etc) and be trying to include some features from the story writing checklist below. 

Spellings, times tables and daily reading


Ed Shed Spellings


TT Rockstars


MyOn Reading


Phonics - Bug Club


If pupils need any log in reminders, please contact their class teacher via Class Dojo.