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English & Maths


All of Green 2 did super amazing this week on their assessed write they retold the story ‘Journey of Water’ where a water wizard takes children on a journey to learn why it is so important to not waste water! They have applied all the things we have been working on this year in English. And Miss E is so proud of how far each and every child has come on in their writing this year. Keep up the fab work in year 4!

Super instructional writing ... then we actually put our instructions to the test and made the bird feeders! The writing showed off a range of time openers, imperative verbs and adverbs, even the layout was spot on 💪🏼

Someone swallowed Stanley 🐠- Gathered various adjectives, adverbs & phrases for each creature in the story. We improved our choices by using a thesaurus.

Super star ⭐️ writers... applying all the skills they have been working on in this unit; prepositions, conjunctions, amazing adjectives and adverbs they then created an alternative story for ‘Stanley’ he was found in a different setting and encountered different animals. Green 2 all did well with their imagination and throughout we gained a strong image of the damage a human can have on our environment.