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Home Learning Years 5 and 6

Try this Half Term Quiz all about the things we have learned in the videos below.

Remember, all of the answers are in the videos except for a few bonus questions that will need a bit more thinking about.

This video should help you remember what 'Pulse' and 'Rhythm' are and how the word 'Beat' fits in.

Pulse and Rhythm 01

Some reminders about Pulse and Rhythm and the difference between the two.

Rhythms and Note Names 01

You will learn the musical terms for some of the Rhythms you can play

Get on board the space ship and try to use your previous learning to develop some new coordination skills.

Drums in Space lesson 01

Use Crotchets and Quavers to develop some more amazing skills.

UKS2 Dynamic Music

UKS2 Pitch and other Musical Vocabulary

Learn some more musical words while you play and sing along.

UKS2. Try to work through the whole video and, once you have practised along a few times, try to do the last activity with a friend or family member. Good luck.

Whole School Counting Challenge (keep the beat).

We are starting to look at music from around the world this week.

We will start our journey in Egypt.

All KS2 Syncopated Rhythms