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Using the the story of a Christmas Carol, the pupils are writing their own narrative with a similar message. Creating their own characters who a required to change their lives for the better.

To begin the term we are looking at examples of biographies, before we write of own about the famous Victorian Charles Dickens.

We utilise literacy shed VIPERS reading comprehension to support reading understanding. This week we have focussed on Queen Victoria.

In reading we utilise the AR reader system. We begin the term with a short assessment to adjust reading book levels of the pupils.

LBQ is an effective resource to support the pupils understanding of grammar and punctuation. We also undertake daily spellings using Spelling Shed activities and online games.

The pupils have been learning how to write persuasive adverts and speech with a focus on Victorian toys and Scrooge in The Christmas Carol. They have used rhetorical questions, exaggeration and alliteration.

We are continuing with our weekly spellings. This term we are spelling words with the following spelling rules/patterns.

1: ant

2: ance & ancy

3: ent & ence

4: able & ible

5: ably & ibly

6: Challenge words