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Leading Parent Partnership Award



We are happy to say that we continue to work hard at promoting open communication and a huge welcome to all our families. We learned so much from the Leading Parent Partnership Award and will endeavour to retain this high standard for the future.



We were re-assessed for the award  in 2017 and have passed with flying colours so thank you for engaging with us and having fun!. We want to hear from you about how we can help you and your child make the most of your time with us. Please use the comment box in Reception to let us know of your thoughts and suggestions.



After our final assessment today (9th May 2014) we are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the Leading Parent Partnership Award for excellence in engaging parents.


This comes after months of evidence gathering and consultation with parents/carers/teachers/children and agencies on how we can support parents in engaging in their child's school experience.


THANK YOU to all of you who contributed to this fantastic accolade!.


Leading Parent Partnership Award Update - Dec 2013


Since September 2013 we have been working towards a Leading Parent Partnership Award to highlight how we support you with your child's education and keep you fully informed on the curriculum, activities, the Family Support Team and any other issues that may arise.


In October 2013 we opened up a consultation to parents with positive results including helpful feedback on varying issues on how well we communicate  and share the curriculum with you, and hints and tips on supporting your child with their homework.


You may have noticed the signs and boards with staff members photographs on around school - this was as a result of you telling us that it was confusing sometimes to know who was who. There is also a comments/suggestion box in reception that you are encouraged to use. These will be appearing in classrooms soon so watch this space.


You will also notice in the new year many more opportunities to join your child in their class and learn more about how you can help them progress.


An interim assessment of our LPPA evidence was carried out in December (which is unusually early for this as the time frame is normally 12-15 months for completion) and the good news is we are over half way there already!. Our final inspection is in May so please feel free to let us know what else we can do to make your child's experience here at Ryton Park a memorable one.


As Mr Lilley says.... once a Ryton Parker, always a Ryton Parker....and this goes for parents too!!



Even though we are now Sparken Hill Academy we still hold this award and continue to work towards an excellent standard of parental participation to improve life chances for our pupils and families.