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Netball matches 

Wednesday 23rd November 

We played another 2 league matches tonight hosted by Ranby village school. First match was Sparken V Rampton which ended up with a win for Sparken Hill, goal shooter Lyra and Goal attack Anna. 
Then we played Ranby and changed positions around to make it a bit fairer. Emma and Tia had a go at shooting and Olivia and Anna moved to defence. It was a good game and another win for our girls. 

Finally Rampton played against Ranby and Rampton won that game. 
special shout out to OIivia Arthur for playing at the last minute after 3 players couldn’t play at the last minute. Thank you Olivia. Also a shout out to the whole team, an absolute pleasure to coach and take to the match. 
Finally a big Thank You-to Mrs Dewhirst, we couldn’t have played without you giving up your time to come and help us all at training and in matches. 

Jingle Jog 

Tuesday 22nd November 2022

This year we took another year 3 class to take part in this event at Sherwood ๐ŸŒฒ pines. It was a great event and was really well organised by all our local SGO’s . Each child was given a Santa hat and then after a warm up they ran the 3 km course through the forest. By the time they got to the end it had even started ๐ŸŒจ snowing.

well done Green 2, you were all amazing and a great credit to our school. 


Sports Hall Athletics 

Thursday 10th November 

Today we took a team of pupils from years 5&6 to compete in the Bassetlaw Schools Sports Hall Athletics competition at Retford Oaks. Each team consists of 12 pupils , 6 Girls and 6 Boys. Each child had to do 3 field events and at least 1 running event. All the scores and times are added together to get an overall score for each school team. Today there were 8 schools and we came in 5th place out of 8. 
Well done to all our pupils that took part. 



Bassetlaw schools Netball competition 

Thursday 13th October 

Today we took a team of pupils to take part in this competition. The rules were slightly different in that 2 boys could play in each team. We played our mini league matches and ended up playing in a match to decide who would be in 3rd place overall and we won that last match to come 3rd place. 
Well done to the whole team a great achievement. ๐Ÿ‘


Girls Netball Match V Rampton 

Tuesday 11th October 

A fantastic advert today to show how practice makes ๐Ÿ‘ perfect. After starting this club last May the Girls have learnt how to pass, shoot, defend and  pivot and hardest of all the different positions and where you can and can’t go on the court. 
They worked as a team and played incredibly well, they showed true school games values, team work , honesty , determination and self belief. 
The final score was 7-2 to Sparken Hill. 

Boys league match V St Augustine’s 

Monday 10th October 

Tonight our boys played their final match of this half term, another good game and a second win for them too. 
Great advert for school football. BY both teams too, and lots of talent on show. We took the lead in the first half infa t it was the last kick if the half!

Thenwe scored a 2nd to seal the win when Alfie drove a shot in from the left wing. 

Boys league match V St Johns 

Monday 3rd October 

Another busy week ahead trying to get all the fixtures in before half term , tonight we played St Johns in our 3rd match. A few changes to the team tonight , in came Levi and Harley and what a difference. Levi ended up with man of the match, he was amazing in midfield, battled hard for every ball โšฝ๏ธ. 
Harvey scored for us first and at half time it was 1-0. In the 2nd half Jakub scored a hat trick and Ethan scored his first for the school. StJohns also scored 2 to make final score a 5-2 win to us. 
well done boys ๐Ÿ‘


Girls match V CarrHill

Friday 30th September 

Girls turn tonight in absolutely horrible weather conditions. So proud of this bunch of girls for showing such determination and strength of mind to actually play together for the first time in such an awful situation. 
A new year and a new team with some playing after only 2 training sessions. Esmee was captain tonight and played at the back with India and Daijah in goal for the first half, then Alexa , Carys and Poppy in the middle with Cianna as striker. 
It took a while for them to settle but once they did the game started to flow and some good passes and movement.

CarrHill managed to score 3 in the first half, after half time Anna and Emma came on and Evie played in goal. We kept swapping around every 5 minutes as it was so cold ๐Ÿฅถ, CarrHill scored 1 in 2nd half to make final score 4-0 to them. 
A great effort by the girls and something to build on now too. 

Boys league match V Norbridge 

Thursday 29th September 

Boys were inaction again tonight with a few changes to the team. Daniel has broken his fingers and hand so is out till after Christmas now, get well soon Daniel. Jan came in as goal keeper for the2nd half and Josh played out. 
Norbridge were just to strong for us tonight with a lot of academy players on show and the first half was 5-0 , however after an inspirational team talk by Mr J at half time no goals were conceded in the 2nd half. 
final score 5-0. 

Bassetlaw Schools X Country Competition 

Thursday 29th September 2022

Once again we took a team to this event which was held at Ranby House School. 
Each team consists of 6 Boys and 6 Girls. The Girls race was first with 120 Girls from various schools taking part, the course was roughly 2km long and marshalled superbly well by students from Retford Oaks. 

As each runner crosses the finish line they are given a number tag ๐Ÿท, then once all 6 are back the numbers are added together to give a team score. 
This whole process then happens again for the Boys and then both Boys  and Girls scores are added together to give an overall team score. 

We came in 3rd ๐Ÿฅ‰ place and received Bronze medals. 

Boys League Match V Prospect Hill

Thursday 22nd September 


Boys had their first league match of the season tonight away V Prospect Hill and what a brilliant game to start the season off. We started really well and worked well as a team tracking backwards as well as attacking. Henri had his first game as centre defence with Daniel on his right and Berkeley on the left. 
Alfie and Harvey played on the wings and their speed and technical ability on the ball is improving rapidly, having confidence to take players on. 
Our latest recruit only started at SHA a few weeks ago but Josh had a great game in goal ๐Ÿฅ… and made some incredible saves. 
Jake was chosen as captain and he and Jakub worked hard in midfield to control the game. 

First appearances today for Ollie, Matthew, Ethan and wojciech. 
well played boys a superb team effort. 


#United by Birmingham County Commonwealth GamesEvent 

Friday 1st July 

We were  invited to take part in this event by Kate our SGO and what an amazing event it was. 
Our pupils had a go at a variety of Commonwealth Games events and they absolutely loved every minute of it. You can see what they did by looking at the photos below. 

year 5&6 Rounders Festival 

Another fantastic festival organised by Kate our SGO and this time it was rounders, skills and tactics needed to play. Catching, throwing, batting, fielding, bowling to name a few. We tried to choose children that haven’t had a chance to represent school yet this year. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon session and are desperately waiting to put some of the things they have learnt into practice in their next PE session. 

Year 3&4 Tennis Festival 

Thursday 23rd June

We took 15 pupils from years 3&4 to Retford Oaks today for their first Tennis festival and it was a great success. The pupils took part in 10 different tennis  style activities and events. 

,Bassetlaw Schools orienteering competition 

Thursday 16th June

This afternoon we took 6 teams to this event which was hosted by Ranby House School in their magnificent grounds. 
Each team consisted of two people, they had 20 minutes to try and get around 20 different points marked out on the map. They needed to be able to map read, run and work out a strategy to get around the whole course in time. They had a digital finger dipper that they had to enter into each point to show proof that they had been there. I total they could get 200 points , 10 for each successful point reached on the map.
Then it was about speed and which team could get the full 200 points in the quickest time. 
Maya and Oliver were our fastest pair back, they completed the course in 16 minutes and scored 200 points. 

Well done to all of our pairs๐Ÿ‘










Bassetlaw Schools Pop Lacrosse ๐Ÿฅ 

Tuesday 14th June 

Today we hosted this schools games competition for our local area. There were 6 teams in total and everyone played each other during the competition. Our 2 teams did really well and came 3rd and 4th  position overall. 

Quad Kids 

Thursday 9th June 

Another well organised event by our SGO at Retford Oaks. We entered 2 teams today, year 4 and year 5 and another boost for pupils representing school for the first time. Maisie was absolutely amazing in 3 of her 4 events winning ๐Ÿฅ‡ 600 m, 75m sprint and standing Long Jump. Timon also won ๐Ÿฅ‡ both his races and Phoebe came 2nd to Maisie in her events. Everyone ran, jumped and threw and they were all a credit to our school. 

KS2 Boys Football Festival 

Tuesday 24th May 

Another fabulous festival hosted by oaks and gives more of our uphill a chance to take part and represent our School. Today it was a football festival with a variety of football based activities on offer for the boys. 
To quote Jake H in Blue 4 “ This is the best day at school ever, I thought it was a match and I was a bit nervous but this is absolutely amazing, thank you for choosing me “.


Girls Football Finals 

Thursday 19th May

These were held at Retford oaks in the sunshine this afternoon. We won our league and had to play the winners of the other leagues. First we played Leverton and lost 1-0 , a good game but a mix up by our defence gave them the opening goal. Next was StAnnes this was 1-1 and another really good game. 
We then played Ramsden, another close game but lost with about 2 minutes to go and finally we played Norbridge and again lost but 2-0 this time. 
The girls gave 100% effort and played as a team throughout. We are all really proud of them and how far they have come this season, growing in confidence and ability every week. 

Boys match V Prospect Hill 

Tuesday 17th May

Tonight we played another friendly match V Prospect Hill. A few injuries allowed a call up for Hidar who had a great game as a striker , well done Hidar ๐Ÿ‘. 
First half we had some good opportunities to take the lead, both Oliver P and then Finley B ( free kick) hit the cross bar. 
Prospect took the lead just before half time. 
Second half they scored another two goals in quick succession. We then pulled one back from a well taken Free kick by Oliver P and then a superb cross from Jake P found Jakub C unmarked in the area to slot in to the goal. 
Prospect then scored from a goal mouth scramble to make the final score 4-2 to Prospect. 
We couldn’t be prouder of this group of Boys tonight, a lot of them playing out of position and really working together as a team. 

Year 3 HandBall Festival 

Tuesday 17thMay

This afternoon Mr Johnson and Mrs Dewhirst took 14 of our year3 pupils to take part in a Handball festival at Retford oaks. They took part in a variety of activities all based on Handball and at the end had some mini games. Everyone made great progress throughout the session and enjoyed the opportunity. Thank you Retford Oaks ๐Ÿ‘

Bassetlaw schools Boys mini league matches

Tuesday 3rd May 

Another busy day today with the Boys mini league matches after school. We were in the same league as Norbridge, Redlands and Priory. Matches were 7 a side, no offsides and 20 minutes one way. 
we played Norbridge first and lost 2-0, next up was Priory and we won 2-0 and finally we played Redlands and it was a 2-2 draw. 


year 5 Dodge Ball Festival 

Tuesday 3rd May 

Today Mr Johnson took half of his class to this event at Retford Oaks. It was a festival rather than a competition and pupils took part in a variety of different activities that were all related to dodge ball and skills needed to play. 
They all had a great time and made superb progress throughout the morning. 

Year 3/4 Rugby Festival 

Thursday 28th April 

This afternoon a group of pupils from Green 5 were lucky enough to take part in this event. They had a go at a lot of rugby based activities throughout the afternoon and learnt some new skills along the way. Thank you Oaks for hosting. 

Girls football festival

Tuesday 26th April 

Today we took a group of girls to Retford Oaks for a football festival organised by our SGO Kate. 
The festival was for girls that had never played before and give them an opportunity to have a go. It was a great afternoon and our Girls had a great time. 


School Games Basketball ๐Ÿ€ Competition 

Thursday 21st April 

Today we took our year 5/6 Basketball team to compete in the Bassetlaw school Games competition at Retford Oaks. 
Each team consisted of 10 players, 5 Girls and 5 Boys. The Boys played the first half and the Girls the 2nd. 
Altogether we played 6 matches, we won 5 and lost 1 and came 2nd place overall and scored a total of 31 baskets. 


KS1 MultiSkills Festival 

Tuesday 19th April 

Well today was absolutely amazing, we hosted the Bassetlaw KS1 MultiSkills Festival and it was a fantastic success. Our school Sports Crew ended up running 10 of the 13 events with Priory Sports Crew running the other 3. 
I am so proud of each and every one of them such great ambassadors for our school. They decided which activity they wanted to do, worked out what equipment they would use and then set it all out ready to start the event. 
Altogether there were 10 schools from Bassetlaw that attended today and the staff from other schools couldn’t compliment our children enough. 
Team Work really does make the dream work. ๐Ÿ‘

Boccia Finals 

Tuesday 29th March 

Wow! What an amazing Boccia team we have in year 5&6, they came 2nd place today in the School Games Regional finals held at Retford oaks. They missed out on first place by 3 points and we couldn’t be prouder of them all. 

Year 3&4 Boys V Gateford Park 

Tuesday 29th March 

Another great match V our new best friends Gateford Park, they like us want to give as many pupils as possible the chance to play football and represent their school. Thank you Mr Hart for being as enthusiastic as we are. 
 Henry was the captain today and he led the team from the back along with Noah and Charlie stepped into goal keeper mode after his brother could no longer play. 
Things were pretty even and we had a few chances but Gateford had one player who had a fearsome left foot and he scored a cracker of a goal and then another 2 more both from the left and leaving Charlie no chance of saving it. 
we managed to pull a goal back before half time, a well taken corner by Ethan and tapped in by Henry. Half time 4-1 to Gateford. 
In the second half we changed things about a bit, Ollie S played in midfield with Ethan  and then Mason and Thomas on the wings. Ethan scored two goals to bring the final score to 4-3. 
well f9ne boys a really good team performance, super proud of you all. 

Girls football match V St John's

Thursday 24th March 

This afternoon we hosted yet another friendly match and this time we welcomed St John’s girls to our school. We started with a bang and within minute of KO Maya opened the scoring after a great pass from Lillie in the penalty area. Not long afterwards Darcy  scored our 2nd goal, we were playing really well and most of the possession was in the St Johns half. Half time the score was 2-0. 
In the second half we had lots of chances and Darcy in particular had  a few 1:1 with the keeper but couldn’t capitalise on any of them. 
Finally after a few subs Maya came back on and scored her 2nd goal to make it 3-0. Then St. John’s scored an absolute cracker of a goal that Daijah had no chance of saving. 
The final score was a 3-1 win to SHA. 


Year 5&6 Boys V Gateford Park 

Tuesday 22nd March 

Another great game from both schools and debut for Levi too. Gateford took the lead and we took a while to start playing but once we relaxed and started to pass the ball and calm down things looked better. 
Finley played out instead of goal and gave Jacob a chance to play in net. 
We soon equalised and Jakub C ended up getting a hat trick. Finley and Oliver both scored penalties and the final score was a 5-2 win for SparkenHill. 

Year 5&6 Girls V Gateford Park

Thursday 17th March 

Year 5&6 also had a game tonight and played really well. Maya opened the scoring after a great pass from Darcy and then Darcy and Maya between them had lots of chances to score more but the goalkeeper was very good and kept saving their shots. 
Gateford then equalised to make it 1-1 at half time. 
In the second half  Isla and Destiny defended really well and Esmee on the left had a good game. Maya managed to score again to make the final score 2-1 to us. 

Year 3&4 Girls V Gateford Park

Thursday17th March

Tonight there were 7 girls representing school for the first time and they were an amazing credit to our school and to themselves. We could not be prouder. Cary’s opened the scoring with a dribble from half way and shot on goal but Gateford equalised 5 minutes later and then took the lead just before half time. 
In the second half Lyra scored an amazing goal to equalise again and then it was pretty even, India had a great game in defence and Daijah made some fantastic saves. Gateford then scored from a penalty after a handball from us in the area. We managed to score again to make it 3-3 but in the first al few seconds Gateford scored once more and the final score was 4-3 to Gateford. 

Years 2&3 V St Anne’s 

Friday 11th March 

This afternoon after school we played 2friendly matches against StAnnes. First to play were our year 2 team , Stanley in goal had an amazing game, he made some first class saves and was very impressive. Freddy played in defence and made some crucial tackles to keep the St Anne’s strikers from scoring. Archie and Jasper were on the wings and both got on the score sheet and Joe was centre midfield and kept the attackers from creating a lot of chances. Daniel and Henley both played their part in helping to keep the ball and defending the St Anne’s attacks. 
The final score was 3-2 to StAnnes but what a game. 
Then year 3 played and in the first minute St Anne’s cored a  Screamer of 
a goal. However that  didn’t deter our team and after lots of chances Beau finally found the back of the net to equalise. 
Ethan was easily the man of the match, he controlled the ball and could read the game so well. He set up Beau for another 2 goals to get his hat trick and then 2 great passes to Carys and she managed a brace. 
Charlie and Toby had a half each in goal and both played really well too. India played in defence and she was fearless, she tackled for every ball and never gave up. 
The final score was 6-2 to SparkenHill but what a great game. 
Well done ๐Ÿ‘ 

Girls match V CarrHill

Friday 4th March

Well done Girls on an all round team performance today and for some of you the first time you have ever played a match. It took a while to get the right formation but eventually everyone settled and started to play as a team. 
We had most of the possession in midfield and eventually managed to score during a goal mouth scramble. 
However as often happens CarrHill equalised within minutes. 
In the second half we changed things round and took a gamble with 2 defenders, Alexa and Destiny. 
That allowed for 3 in midfield and Darcy as a striker. The gamble  paid off and with Lillie so strong in midfield she found Darcy totally unmarked to score her first hat-trick. 
Then Maya scored after great positioning from a corner to make it 5-1.

There were debuts for Amie, Ruby, Alexa  and Daijah who played her first game for school in goal. She was awarded the player of the match by the CarrHill teachers. 
CarrHill scored another goal just before full time to make the final score 5-2 . 


Boys Football Match V Prospect 

Thursday 3rd March 

Tonight our boys team played in a friendly match V Prospect Hill, the first time in over 2 years that we have been able to get back to friendly matches and enjoying taking part in fixtures again. 
We took a while to get into the game and settle but once we had then we started to pass the ball more and use Harvey and Alfie on both wings and use the whole pitch. 
Jakub had 2 or 3 opportunities to put us ahead but couldn’t quite get his shots on target. 
prospect then took the lead after a lose ball in midfield fell to their player and his quick thinking and pass lead to a great shot that Finley had no chance of saving. 
In the second half Josh F came on as a defender and he made some really good tackles, Jacob H also came on in goal for his debut game. 
Jakub C had a shot that just clipped the crossbar and a few minutes later he was pulled down in the penalty area and a penalty was awarded. 
captain Oliver P stepped up to take the penalty and scored to make it 1-1 which was the final score. 
Well done to both teams, great to see such good teamwork and respect โœŠ 


Gifted and Talented Workshop

24th February 2022


During this workshop, 15 pupils from year 5/6 joined other talented girls and boys from a number of other Bassetlaw schools. Throughout the session they worked on Quick Stick Hockey skills, organised activities for each other, before competing in a number of friendly games.



Bassetlaw Schools Boccia Competition 

Tuesday 22nd February

What can I say ! Incredibly proud of our Boccia team today. They competed in the school Games competition today at Retford oaks and they were amazing. 

They have been practicing every week since September and as team they all support each other and help each other. They know the rules inside out and although some of them find it tough they work so hard and show true school games values throughout. 

Today they came 2nd place overall and will now go to the finals in a few weeks. 



Bassetlaw Schools Orienteering Competition 

Tuesday 25th January 2022

Todays competition was held at Worksop College and organised by OurSchool Games Organiser. 
Each team consisted of two people, they had to read the map and run around the course of 20 markers as quickly as possible. Each marker had an electronic tag on it, as the team got to the marker they had to tap their own timer device onto the marker. After completing the course the timer was handed in and a receipt showed how many markers they had been to and how long it had taken. The time limit was 20 minutes and teams were penalised points for every minute that they were over the time. 
The winning team of all the schools would be the one that completed all 20 markers in the minimum time. 

Finals of Bassetlaw Schools Indoor Athletics Competition 

Thursday 20th January 2022

Today was the 2nd round heats and finals of this competition. The winners will go through to represent Bassetlaw in the County finals and school Games finals in Nottingham. 
We took the same children that won their last round and they all performed really well. The field events were our strength with most of our team winning their events. The running events we were 2nd or 3rd but because we did so well  in the field events we managed to win silver medals and came 2nd overall. Just missing out on 1st place by 1 point. A super team effort by all our pupils.