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Week beginning 11th January



There will be live English lessons at 9.30am Monday to Thursday this week on Zoom. You will be sent an email link so that you can log on to the lesson each day. Look out for this in your inbox. In the lessons we will be using the techniques we looked at last week in order to write inspired by the eruption of the volcano. Each day we will focus on a stage of the eruption.

Narrative Poetry


Our live English lessons will be taught using the videos shown below. This will be shared as part of the lesson on zoom but you can revisit the information and videos on here as often as you like. There is a sheet for each day to use for writing your poem or you could write on paper.

Monday- Writing a Narrative Poem

Tuesday - Writing a Narrative Poem (During the eruption)

This is "Volcano Poems L6" by Sparken Hill Academy on Vimeo.

Wednesday - Writing a Narrative Poem (After the Eruption)

This is "Volcano Poems L7" by Sparken Hill Academy on Vimeo.

Thursday - Editing a Narrative Poem

This is "Volcano Poems L8" by Sparken Hill Academy on Vimeo



There will be live Maths lessons at 1.30pm Monday to Thursday this week on Zoom.  You will be sent an email link so that you can log on to the lesson each day.  Look out for this in your inbox.


This week the lesson focus will be fractions. Monday and Tuesday, we will focus on Equivalent Fractions. Wednesday and Thursday will focus on Comparing Fractions. The live lesson will give examples of the questions before pupils have the opportunity to go away and answer questions in their own time. The questions maybe on a worksheet to be or via Learning By Questions (LBQ)

Equivalent Fractions - Monday and Tuesday

Presentations to support Day 1 & 2 (Print at home to support lesson if you can)

Comparing Fractions - Wednesday and Thursday

Presentations to support days 3 & 4 Comparing Fractions (Print at home to support the lesson if you can)

Comparing fractions

Presentation to Day 5 Improper fractions. (Print at home to support the lesson if you can.)

Improper Fractions to Mixed Number Fractions

Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Home Reading


Choose a book from home, use the AR Book Finder link below to check the ZPD is in your range. Try to read for 15 minutes per day. When you've finished your book, you can then quiz on this book using the AR website. The link is below. If you are struggling to find a book at home, there is a selection of books on the Active Learn site for you to read at your level. 


School also have access to the fantastic My On resource. Pupils have their own log ins which were provided. Any problems with log ins please contact




Each week spellings will focus on a different spelling rule, adding suffixes or the year 5/6 statutory spelling list.

You will find a presentation and poster attached for the week’s spellings. On the first day, we suggest you utilise these resources to check your child can firstly read the word and understands the meaning.

Throughout the week would we like your child to spend 10-15 minutes per day looking at a different spelling activity. These activities may include a word search, look cover write check and a general task sheet.

Finally, your child will be set an assignment on Spelling Shed each week link to the spellings. We would like them to log on an access the games at some point during the week.

Grammar and Punctuation


To support the teaching of Grammar pupils can answer this weeks Grammar Hammer work sheets. The sheets refer to year groups. Stage 5 - Year 5 and Stage 6 - Year 6



During this term we are studying Extreme Earth. We are focusing in on the Structure of the Earth, Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Each week we will upload some work for you to complete. This should take you thirty minutes to one hour to complete.


1: Use the presentation and video links.

2: Complete task 1

3: Complete task 2



In this lesson you will learn about the sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon.

  1. Start the lesson by looking at the slides.
  2. Complete task 1.  Choose the * task that will challenge you.
  3. Use the planet fact cards to create your own poster.  You could use the poster sheets to help or you could create your own.
  4. Remember to take a photo of your work and send it via Class Dojo.



This terms art will focus on using sketching techniques and watercolours. For lesson one we would like you to use the attached images (or any others you can find online) and sketch some simple extreme landscapes. They do not need to be detailed but focus on foreground, middle and background.


Please send a photo of your completed sketches via Class Dojo.

To help you with your artwork this term there are some step by step tutorial videos to improve your skills

Drawing for Beginners: PART 1- Draw with Curves

Pencil drawing for beginners: In this easy drawing tutorial video I show beginners how to draw with curves by learning basic techniques in a simple step by s...




We know active, healthy children achieve more, that is why PE and School Sport is such a focus at Sparken Hill Academy. To support home learning we have subscribed to Real PE at home.

Each pupil in school will have access to this fantastic resource. Who will be the most active year group during lockdown? Please see the attachment for the joining instructions. It also includes a link to a video explaining how to use the platform



Real PE at home log in details and timetable

Guidance for Families

This is "Guidance for Families" by Create Development on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

We would also encourage walking, running and bike riding whilst at home. Just ensure you do this following Tier 4 rules and social distancing guidelines.


If you would like some additional activities please try this Orienteering at home resource.

Music with Mr Thornton

Pulse and Rhythm 01

Some reminders about Pulse and Rhythm as we look towards this terms 'Composing Earth' lessons.

Rhythms and Note Names 01

You will learn the musical terms for some of the Rhythms you can play