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Spring Term - Savage Stone Age

Spring Term - Stone Age

This term our topic will be a history based topic focusing on a period of ‘prehistory’ ‘The Stone Age’ it was given this name as humans used primitive stone tools. It lasted nearly 2.5 million years and ended around 5,000 years ago when humans began working with metal and making tools and weapons from bronze.

The ‘Stone Age’ was split into 3 eras - Palaeolithic - Mesolithic - Neolithic.  

We will be visiting ‘Creswell Crags’ to help immerse ourselves in what life would have been like in the ‘Middle Palaeolithic’ era & help to develop our understanding of the changes from Stone Age to Bronze Age. 

In English & for our class story we will read ...



Take a look at our Spring Curriculum in action...

📚 Whole class text... Stig of the dump! 📚 - ask us who our favourite characters are & chapters!

Super Savage Stone Age Homework... keep your eyes peeled for more additions to this gallery throughout the term!

Worksop Town FC Football ⚽️ Morning - we got to take part in different football games/warm ups from coaches from Worksop Town FC

🔴 RND 2023 🔴