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Foundation Subjects


In this lesson we created sketch maps to help us understand a sense of direction, land use in Worksop & looked at the 8 points of a compass 🧭 🗺️

A massive well done to Green 2 for once again been great representation for Sparken Hill going out and being so well behaved on our local walk. We were looking at land use in Worksop, looking at the physical and human features and noting the human impact. We sketched along the way, did a traffic survey, building survey, noted any pollution and how the land is used. This will be then used when we go to the peaks so we can compare our town to a small peak village. It was a beautiful walk on the canal too, getting to see baby ducklings 🦆and cygnets 🦢! Oh and we all walked 3.5miles with no moans! Just a couple of ‘Is it dinner time when we’re back’ questions 😆!


We looked at parts of a plant and what their function is to introduce our plant topic.



Andy Goldsworthy inspired natural art - this lesson looked at creating a natural colour pallet. 🖼️