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Autumn 1 - The Great Fire Of London



This term the children are looking at materials. In order to refresh their memory, the children participated in a scavenger hunt around the classroom to search for items made from different materials. They searched for the items then sorted them onto the correct tables (that were labelled different material types). Here are some photos of our learning. 



This week we have started looking at number bonds to 5 and 10. We first looked at what a number bond is and then have used cubes with part-whole models in order to find number bonds to 5. Some of us did the same finding number bonds to 10. We did lots of practical maths with this. We then looked at finding number bonds using a tens frame and counters. Again, we did lots of practical, using two different colours to show the 2 different number bonds. 



In our English lessons this week, we have looked at a non fiction text all about The Great Fire of London. We discussed what a non fiction text was before we then acted out some of the events of the fire. We picked key parts of the text, such as putting the fire out with buckets, using gunpowder and discovering the fire in the bakery. Some of us were even brave enough to show the class our brilliant acting! Here are some photos of our learning. 



Our topic for this term is the Great Fire of London. For our first History lesson on this, we have looked into what history is and what we will be learning about. We had a go at ordering some events in groups or pairs to see if we could sequence them correctly. We then walked to our school timeline and looked at where different events fit. We discussed how far back in time something had happened, as well as more recent events. We then searched for the occurrence of the Great Fire of London and looked at how long ago this was. 


This week we have been looking at representing numbers. We have used cubes and compare bears show the value of each number to 10. We then have looked at sequencing numbers to 10 by using what we have learnt of their value. Here are some photos of our mathematical learning.