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Dance, Dance, Dance!

Dance allows pupils at SHA to express themselves in a creative and physical way.


Dance enables pupils to develop their rhythm, musicality, confidence, performance skills, self-esteem and obviously has huge health benefits both physically and mentally. 


During each academic year we have a minimum of one full term of dance in our PE curriculum, however in some cases this might be split into two different sections. We cleverly link this with our topics exploring different dance styles from the past or around the world.


At Sparken Hill we strongly believe that dance allows pupils the opportunity to learn various different styles, some of which are Contemporary, Jazz, Street, Musical theatre, as well as different ethnic dances and dance routines from around the world. Pupils will also be taught the history behind certain influential dance pieces and develop the skills to dance the different styles. 


Dance skills will be built up as the children move through the school. 

Dance in the Curriculum


During the academic year the children will have the opportunity to learn a variety of dance skills and styles, as well as

choreographing their own routines. This will help to develop their co-ordination, rhythm, creativity and self-expression.


Dance is an excellent way to improve strength, stamina, concentration skills and flexibility. 


The routines/skills that are taught will cleverly link in with the children's topics. Miss Edwards and the dance leaders over the years have created dance tutorials for the children to master these skills. 




Take a look at how we incorporate dance into our PE curriculum and school life!

Jubilee Dance Day 

During the week leading up to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee… all of the Key Stages had a different dance routine to learn, the theme being ‘iconic British music’ then this week we had a whole school performance to perform the routines, followed by the National Anthem. It was great to see lots of smiles, giggles and some amazing dancing! It was certainly a sight to hold… 

SHA Jubilee Dance May 24th 2022

Our special celebration of the Queens 70th Jubilee through whole school dance.

Visit the dance page on our extra-curricular page if your are interested in pursuing dance further at SHA...

Links with Outwood Academy Portland 

Dance doesn’t have to be over when you leave SHA… it is amazing to have ex-pupils come back to help teach extracurricular dance.
‘Strong links with the community can make a particular contribution to the work of schools serving disadvantaged communities.’ It is also great for the children to have positive role models who they will recognise. As well as the volunteers still feeling like they are valued and part of a wider school community.


Here are some of our volunteers in action leading a warm up for the Y5/6 Dance Team…

We have volunteers across both our clubs 😃

Darcy leading the squat challenge warm up 💪🏼