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Castle Creations.

For our DT project we have designed and created our own castle which have key features of a castle, turrets, drawbridges, double castle walls and keeps. Here are some of the finished products along with creation shots.

Reading Comprehension

We have started reading phrases/sentences, using our phonic knowledge and found the corresponding picture to demonstrate our understanding.


We have explored and re-enacted "Jousting", to understand the concept and to enable us write a diary entry based on "A day in the life of a knight". It was great fun!

Grouping & Sorting

We have used practical resources today to look at the mathematical concept of grouping and sorting. This was a great visual activity to ensure the children had a good understanding of this concept.

Roles Within Castles

What an exciting day had by all!! We came to school dressed as someone who lived or worked within castle many years ago. Pupils came as Queens, Kings, Jesters, Knights, Dragons and Servants. We undertook some of the job roles; Battles, cooking, telling jokes, juggling, learning how to bow and curtsy and how to make important decisions and give orders.

Science - Investigating Materials Within Our Environment.

This week we have explored different types of materials. Initially we set off by identifying these within our school environment. 

Exploring Number

This week the children have been exploring number; looking at the value of numbers 1-20, order of numbers and digits and value representations.

Exploring Our New Topic - Castles & Dragons

As part of our first week back we have explored some of the continuous provision and pose questions to explore within our topic.

Our Journey Begins - A New Academic Year - September 2021

We explored the dragon that had appeared in the heart today. Looking at its physical characteristics and talking about what it may be like it were alive.