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Year 3&4 InterHouse HandBall 🤾‍♂️ Competition 

Monday 16th October 

During their PE lessons today our pupils from years 3&4 took part in an inter class and inter house Hand Ball competition. Each class was split into their house colour and they all played each other in a round robin tournament.

points were awarded for winning , drawing or losing a game and added up throughout the day. 
4th place Windsor, 3rd place Sandringham, 2nd place Balmoral and 1st place Buckingham. 

Year 5&6 Inter House Pop Lacrosse 🥍 

Tuesday 10th October 

During year 5&6 PE lessons this term they have been learning the different skills needed to be able to play lacrosse. Catching, scooping the ball, throwing and scoring. After 6 weeks of lessons today each class took part in an inter house competition. The class were split into their house teams and they all played each other in a round robin style competition. First class to play was blue 4 with Windsor winning their competition. Next was Blue 3 and Buckingham won for that class. In blue 2 it was Sandringham that were the winning team. 
Balmoral were the winners for the final two classes Blue 5 and Blue1. At the end of the day the overall winners were Balmoral with 32 points, 2nd Sandringham 27, 3rd Buckingham with 26 and 4th Windsor with 24. 
loads of school games values on here today, Respect, Determination, Honesty and above all TeamWork. 


Inter House Swimming Gala 2023 

Friday 14th July 

Once again this event was a huge success with 45 pupils taking part from year 3 up to year 6. 
Each house had a minimum of 1 boy and 1 Girl in each year group swimming. We started with year 6 races and worked our way down to year 3. Front Crawl, breast stroke and back stroke to start with and then relays and a woggle race to finish. 
The overall winners were Windsor coming from behind to beat Sandringham and Buckingham who had been neck to neck all the way through. 

Year 3&4 Sports Day 

Monday 3rd July 

Today it was the turn of our year 3&4 pupils to take part in their sports day. A very similar structure as year 5&6 and the sports crew helping out too. 
overall winners were Green 4 and house winners were Buckingham. 

Foundation Sports Days 

Thursday 29th June 

What a great morning we had , after 7 weeks of work this was one of the best sports days we have had for these lovely little foundation children. Running, balancing, jumping, crawling and most of all having lots of fun. 

Year 1&2 sports day 

Wednesday 28th June 

Another great morning with over 150 pupils involved , 10 different  activities taking place on the field and lead by our superb sports crew. 

Year 5&6 Sports Day 

Monday June 19th 

What a fantastic morning we have had out there on the field today. Track events, field events and agility events all taking place at once. Over 150 pupils took part and every single one of them had a great time. 
Well done year 5&6 you were awesome today 👍

Monday 22nd May 

Year 5&6 Tag Rugby Competition 

Year 5&6 had their last Tag Rugby lesson today and they used all the skills they have learned to take part in an inter house competition. Altogether they played 30 matches, there were 20 different house teams and over 120 pupils took part. 
overall winners from all 5 classes were Buckingham with 35 points. 

Worksop Town Academy Activity Day

Wednesday 22nd March 

We welcomed WTAFC to school today , they brought 4 coaches with them and ran a carousel of activities for all of our pupils in the main school. Everyone had a great time and we can see that there are some budding footballers amongst us. 

Interhouse curling competition 

Friday 10 th February 

After 5 weeks of disability sports with SUFC the year 3&4 classes had an interhouse curling competition today. 
Each class split into their house teams and as they played each game the scores were added together. Then after all five classes had completed the competition the points were added up. The games were target 🎯 roll, 🪜 ladder roll, 🎳 bowling and lucky square. 

The overall winners were Balmoral house with 2669 points. 
congratulations 👏 

Year 5&6 Inter House Gymnastics Competition 

Wednesday 8th February 3.30-5.30 pm

Tonight 34 children from years 5&6 took part in this competition. This past term they have been working on shape, balance, flight, travelling and rotation in their gymnastics lessons and this was a great opportunity to show off what they had learned whilst representing their house at the same time. Everyone that took part either individually or with a partner or group had to complete a routine that included all of the disciplines. 
Congratulations 🎉 to Buckingham House overall winners and to Amelia N who was the overall winner, Natalia L and Sienna R who were 2nd, Alexa B 3rd and Flynn R and Darius along with Amelia R and Chantelle H who were joint 4th place .