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Spring 2 - Healthy Me

This half term we are going to be looking at the world around us. We are going to be looking at our body parts and their function/purpose. We are also going to be learning about our 5 different senses. In Geography we are going to be learning about where we live, the UK and the 7 continents of the world. Here is where you can see what we have been getting up to in our lessons. 



This half term the children have been looking at different healthy foods and what makes a balanced diet. They have designed their own smoothies and then this lesson, as a class, they made one. We chose the different fruits we wanted to use and then had a go at chopping them up.  We then put them into the blender and tried it. 



in Geography the children have continued to explore the world around them. This lesson was focused on the 7 continents of the world and their oceans. The children used paper plates to show a map of this. Here are our finished pieces. 



In English the children have been pulling what they have learnt about being healthy to create instructions about how to make a smoothie. First they learnt what instructions were and sequenced them. This lesson they learnt how to make toast and focused on using imperative verbs and time connectives to write some instructions. Here are some examples below.  



This half term the children have been looking at Holy Week. They have researched the story of Palm Sunday to understand why this is such a special time for religious people. The children are shown here acting out the story of Palm Sunday when Jesus was said to have come to Jerusalem and walked over palms that the people laid out for him. 



This half term the children have been learning all about their senses. They have discovered what each of the 5 do and used them to explore their surroundings. This lesson they used their taste sense to discover if foods were salty, sour, sweet or bitter. 



This half term the children are looking at numbers to 50. This lesson they used song in order to remember the order of numbers to 50. The song helped the children remember numbers to 50 when counting forwards and backwards. 



In science the children have began to look at their bodies and how they work. This lesson they learnt the different parts of the body. They also learnt about their different bones and muscles. The children explained what they already knew before the learning. They then were taught the new material and used this to label a body, which we drew around on the wall. 



In order to make learning purposeful, we had a discussion to find out what the children already know about where they are from. We discussed that the children lived in a town called Worksop and the children spoke to each other in small groups about things they know about Worksop and things they can do. They also discussed everything they know about the world they live in. We then wrote these on a post-it note and created a class mind map of information.