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Spring Term

Roman Britain Day!

Science - investigating reflective materials and surfaces

Pupils exploring pictograms and using them to solve problems.

Pupils playing 'shop keepers', practicing solving real life problems such as giving change and making amounts of money in different ways.

Pupils getting to grips with money and relating it to our place value knowledge!

Dividing by 2 - understanding the concept of sharing and dividing using cubes

Dividing a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number - getting to grips with the method

Reading for information and extending our vocabulary and understanding of our model text today!

Some super proud writers today - Retrieving information from non fiction texts and compiling a fact file about Hadrians Wall

Investigating which types of magnets are the strongest

We’ve been investigating magnets today, learning all about which materials are and are not magnetic.

Maths - Learning about division with remainders

D&T making Roman style pediments and columns out of paper and card

Disaster story writing based on our model text Escape From Pompeii

Multiplication and Division