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Year 5/6 interhouse basketball competition 


On Friday 16 th March our school sports crew organised this event. The house sports captains and  leaders asked all pupils in years 5/6 if they would like to participate and constantly reminded them to bring their sports kit in to school on the day. 

Mr Makeman and Mrs Paton helped to referee and work out the order of the matches.

It was decided to use School Games rules which means 2 girls on court at all times and everyone gets to play in every game. The overall winners were Balmoral and a huge congratulations to all of their team.

Sandringham won  0 Draw 0  Lost 3 
Balmoral Won 3  Draw 0 Lost 0
Buckingham Won  1  Draw 1  Lost 1 
Windsor Won 1  Draw 1  Lost 1 


Earth to Space whole school challenge

Tuesday 27th February 2018


Today we held our first Intra school event of the year. The British Triathlon Trust came to our school for  the day and they brought with them 40 static bikes 🚴 Some  amazing staff and they created a short running track too. 🏃

Each year group competed against each other. They all had 45 minute slots and within those slots they had to travel around 3 sections. Cycling, running and resting. Each station lasted 2 minutes and they kept changing and moving round for the full 45 minutes. Everyone took part and even the teachers had their own station of bikes. 

The bikes had special devices on them that counted how many km had been accumulated per year group. The running was also being counted and at the end of each year groups session both the running and cycling were added together to see what their total was. 

At the end of the day we added all the totals and found out that we had travelled to space 🚀 and back again.An amazing effort by everyone. Over 400 pupils took part and the whole day was an amazing success. Just goes to show that #Teamworkmakesthedreamwork

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We have had 5 3 4 1 4 visitors