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Year Two

Numeracy - Rounding to the nearest 10

Today in Maths we are adding numbers to the nearest ten, on your sheet you will find a hundred squared with different numbers circled in red, how many more do you need to add to these numbers to get to their nearest ten?

Example 25 +? =30 what number do I need to add to complete the number sentence? 

Make sure you try the challenge!

Literacy - Holidays comic strip.

In literacy today we are going to be making a comic strip to tell the story of what we did over the holidays, draw a picture in the box and write a sentence above it. Remember when we are retelling we have to make sure we write things in order, start at the first thing you can remember doing after finishing school for the holidays and end with the last thing you can remember before coming back to school today. Have a look at the holiday picture to help you think of things you might have done. 

Can you include time connectives (first, next, then, after, finally ect), conjunctions (joining words - and, so, because), adjectives (describing words) and adverbs ('ly' words) in your writing, as well as you finger spaces capital letters and full stops. 

Make sure you keep this safe for tomorrow!

In PSHE we are going to be looking at rules, some rules will be different for different places. Use the work sheet to look at different rules we have for at home, school and the community. What differences do you spot between these rules and what is the same? Why do you think we have rules?

Look at the timeline of Queen Elizabeth's life and create a fact file about her, try and make your fact file as interesting as possible so only use the important information, don't just copy all of the PowerPoint. 

When you have done this try and have  go at the reading comprehension (only the first two pages - information sheet and question sheet, adults you will find the answers on page three also), make sure you read the infomation carefully before answering the questions.