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Year One

This week we are going to be learning about money and practicing making different amounts. 


Choose a number up to 50 and see if you can make that amount using coins. If you don't have any coins, you can cut out the ones here to make different amounts.  If you would like to take a photograph of your work you can stick it to the attached sheet. 

Happy New Year everyone. Hope you've all had a great Christmas break. I expect you've got lots to tell. Your first piece of writing is about some of the things that have happened, or what you've done while you were off. If you look at News Images it might help you remember some things. 

Remember your capital letters to start each sentence and, finger spaces and a full stop at the end. Try and use adjectives (describing words) in your sentence. Challenge yourself, use 'and' 'but' or 'so' to join two sentences together. Can you use some adverbs with 'ly' endings e.g. slowly, luckily, easily, carefully? see what you can do. smiley

Our topic in Science this half term is Materials.

Have a look around your house and see how many different materials you can find that have been used to make different things. Then label what each of the items on the worksheet is made from and think about why that material has been used. Eg. Wood is used to make a chair because it is hard and strong.

Watch the video below and use the word bank to help you if you need it