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Please note - there is a strict deadline for completion. 

 Sparken Hill Academy 

 Year 6 School Places - Booking Link at the bottom. 

Please read the following guidance notes carefully. Following the guidance notes is a link to a very short survey that you need to complete WEEKLY to tell us whether you will need a place. If you do not complete this form (or if you miss the deadline of Friday at 12.00 pm) your child will have to wait until the following week to attend. Please note, the booking links will be removed once the deadline has passed. 



 "Parents will not be fined for non-attendance at this time, and schools and colleges will not be held to account for attendance levels. Children and young people in eligible year groups are being strongly encouraged to attend (where there are no shielding concerns for the child or their household), so that they can gain the educational and well-being benefits of attending. Protective measures will be put in place for staff and pupils, as far as is possible, to ensure that the risk of transmission is reduced."


We will stagger the start time so Y6's will arrive at school between 8.50am and 9.10am. The end of the school day will be 2.00pm. 


Class Sizes:

Children will be put into a social and learning “bubble” during their time in school. They will be working in a class with no more than 15 pupils – probably less.  This teacher/ TA may not be your child’s normal class teacher and they may not be in their usual classroom. The children will be allocated to a group by the school and will remain in that group and classroom with that teacher until the end of the school year. They will be sat in a one chair / desk arrangement.


Playtimes and Lunchtimes:

To avoid larger groups of children mixing together there will be no joint collective assembly times and there will be none of the mass gatherings associated with year 6 e.g. Sports days etc. 

Playtimes will be staggered across the day and children will play only with those children in their class “bubble”. The “bubble” group will have an allocated area of the playground and no fixed equipment will be used, such as the trim trail. The children will also have a staggered lunchtime and will eat with children within their own social and learning bubble.


Social Distancing:

Unlike older children and adults, the government acknowledge that early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2m apart from each other and staff. However schools have been asked to ensure this happens where possible. The chairs will be spaced at 2 metres apart as far as possible with 1 child per desk, to accommodate that number of children, and children will be asked to stay at their allocated desk and not move around the classroom. They will not bring resources from home such as pencil cases and school will provide children with their own equipment for the time that they are in school.

If there are any shortages of teachers the children will not be moved between groups and another member of staff, if available, will be allocated to lead the group under the direction of a class teacher.



No school will be penalised if they are unable to offer a broad and balanced curriculum to their pupils during this period. As the children will not be sharing resources, the number of practical lessons that will take place will be minimal.

Staff are not allowed to touch the child’s books and therefore work cannot be marked, the staff will look at the work from a distance once the children have left the classroom to assess further learning needed. They will be given verbal feedback and this will be reviewed regularly.


Protective Measures:

All adults and children will be required to frequently wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds and dry thoroughly, encouraged not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose and use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze and use bins for tissue waste (‘catch it, bin it, kill it’). Hand sanitizer will be available in school dependent upon our supplier.


Cases of COVID-19 :

Children and staff will not be allowed to enter the school, if they are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus. Temperature readings will be taken of all pupils attending school.  No one with symptoms should attend a setting for any reason. When a child or staff member develops symptoms compatible with coronavirus, they will be sent home and advised to self-isolate. Their fellow household members should self-isolate for 14 days. Parents and visitors will not be able to access the school site.


Preventing the Spread:

A (single) Parent or Carer will need to escort your child to / from school to ensure that pupils observe Social Distancing measures on the journey to / from school.

Parents/Carers will be asked observe the strict one way system around the site keeping 2 metres apart from others. Please follow the directions carefully to avoid unnecessary interaction with others.

Only one parent can accompany their child to the school premises if their child needs to be accompanied.

No bikes or scooters will be allowed on-site between now and July.

Temperatures of children will be taken daily before we admit into the classroom. 

At the end of the day, children will be released from their classroom door. If waiting to collect, please do so at 2m spacing.



Wearing a face covering or face mask in schools or other education settings is not recommended in the guidance and, as the wearing of face coverings does not apply to schools or other education settings staff, children and learners will not be required to wear face coverings. However, Staff will need to wear this when dealing with intimate care and may do so by choice. *



Free School Meals:

The provision of food vouchers for those eligible under the benefits criteria will continue to be available, where needed, for those not attending.

Schools are being asked to provide meals for all children in school and Sparken Hill will not charge for these for the period  up to and including 23rd July 2020.



In order for your child to attend, you MUST complete the short survey available weekly by the deadline given.

Failure to meet this deadline will mean that your child will not be able to attend until the following week. This is non-negotiable as we have to ensure that all key systems in school (provision of adequate staffing, food, timetables for breaks and lunch), are carried out.


Please now complete the following short survey : (Deadline 12.00pm FRIDAY)



Mr Lilley

(If you have ANY questions / queries, please email )