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Welcome to Foundation Stage

Welcome to Foundation Stage!

Here you will find lots of information on each class page about what happens during our school day and all about our termly topics and the special books we will share. Look at our photo gallery to see all the amazing things that we get up to! 

Phonics in F1 and F2


In F1 children take part in small group sessions with their key worker every day for 15 minutes. Phase 1 is taught to F1 children from their start date through a range of activities such as listening games to discriminate environmental, voice and instrumental sounds and rhyme, alliteration and rhythm games. The children also have lots of experience with oral segmenting and blending (hearing d-o-g makes dog) throughout the day. 


F2 phonics is taught daily for 20 minutes a day.  Sparken Hill Academy follow one of the DfE's validated synthetic systematic phonics (SSP) program called 'Bug Club' to teach phonics. The scheme introduces a new sound daily to the children, following a repetitive structure, embedding reading, spelling and writing skills daily. 


Targeted phonics interventions happen throughout the day to support those children who are working below age related expectations. A robust tracking system is used to ensure we monitor pupil progress in phonics.



Reading at Sparken Hill Academy

We share with parents/carers the importance of reading and the understanding of how a love of reading can be celebrated both at home and at school! At school we talk about 2 types of books: phonics books and a reading for enjoyment book. We ask you to let your child read their phonics book to you at a suitable time of day and then ask that a reading for enjoyment book (this could be a bed time story) is an adult reading to a child. A love of reading comes from being read to frequently as sharing this special ' book time' with an adult is an enjoyable experience. 


We allocate Bug Club books to your child, based on what our assessments show they know and the book your child takes home will include the sounds/tricky words they know and can decode themselves. Your child will move through the book bands as they progress through the phonics scheme.  


Your child will bring home a reading book and diary in their book bag when they start school. Teachers encourage children to read with parents/carers daily. Parents are asked to write in the reading diaries a comment of how children read. We have a reading rewards scheme in foundation stage, children who are daily readers get the oppertunity to win a prize on a Friday!


In the back of your child's reading diaries you will find a Bug Club bookmark with login details to access Bug Club reading books online. We ask that a variety of physical/online books are read by your children, as they are both important.   


Knowledge Organisers.

We love sharing our school journey with our parents/carers. We know little minds sometimes struggle to tell you what they have been doing at school! So please see below the things we will learn during our topics so you can discuss this with your child. Please try and use our special sparkly words (new vocabulary) in your everyday conversations! Lots of talking is great to improve your child's reading and writing skills.  Giving your child lots of oppertunities to talk about the work we are doing at school will help to improve your child's memory, understanding and confidence. 


The foundation stage staff are always here to talk if you as parents/carers need some support understanding what we will learn about during the term. 


SHA F1 Christmas Sing Song 2022

F2 Wriggly Nativity 2022