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Digraphs have two letters, digraphs make one sound. Some of the words in this weeks phonics have digraphs in them.  See if you can remember them. 

Remember there are lots of songs on the internet about digraphs, if you need a reminder.

Watch the video from Monday to recap how to split numbers into tens and ones.


Cut and stick the numicon (tens and ones) and stick them on the scale to match the number on the scale so they balance. E.g. if the number shown on the scale is 14, cut and stick 1 ten and 4 ones. If the number shown is 26, cut and stick 2 tens and 6 ones.


Don't worry if you don't have the resources to cut and stick, you can draw a straight line for the tens and a dot for the =  ones. E.g. 15 = I . . . . .       8 = . . . . . . . .       11 = I .       22 = I I . .