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Practise the tricky word song. How many can you remember when the song has finished? How many can you use in a sentence? Practise 'ai or 'aw' on  the Phonics Play website, depending on which sound you are learning this week.


Remember to practise your spellings today. 


It's World Book Day tomorrow. If you'd like to make a book mark today for your book, there are several to choose  from.

Read for 15 minutes. If you need a book log on to the MyOn web site, or Active Learn (Reading bug) or Rising Stars Reading Planet.


Use your ‘Role on the Wall’ adjectives collection sheet to write a description of the wolf. It might help you to say your sentence out loud. When you are happy with your sentence, write it down. Don’t forget a capital letter to start, finger spaces, and a full stop. Remember it’s better to write a few quality sentences you’re really proud of instead of lots of sentences you’re not so proud of.


Write the missing numbers on the number track or the 100 square. You’ll do a great job after all the work you’ve done.


Watch this short video about what happens during a Christian wedding. Now watch this power point video. Now have a go at acting a Christian wedding. You can take photographs, or draw a picture to show what happened during your Christian wedding.