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Practise this tricky word song.  How many can you write from memory when it has finished? Play Tricky word trucks on  the Phonics Play to recap some of the sounds you have learned in school. Choose Phase 3 'er' or Phase 5 'ue'.


Read for 15 minutes. If you need a book log on to the MyOn web site, or Active Learn (Reading bug) or Rising Stars Reading Planet.


Use your Character collection sheet to write a description of Farmer Tim. It might help you to say your sentence out loud. When you are happy with your sentence, write it down. Don’t forget a capital letter to start, finger spaces, and a full stop. Remember it’s better to write a few quality sentences you’re really proud of instead of lots of sentences you’re not so proud of.


You’re going partition (separate) numbers into tens and ones by using the part and whole strategy. You’ll remember the part and whole maths you did last half term. This number bond song to 10 will remind you about part and whole if you have forgotten.

RE - In our RE sessions this half term, we will be learning all about weddings. Draw, write down or label everything you already know about weddings. Don’t worry if you feel you don’t know that much as we are going to be learning all about weddings in the next few weeks. You can download the worksheet below if you wish to use it.