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Practise  this tricky word song. How many can you write from memory when it has finished?

Play Tricky words truck on the Phonics Play website to recap some of the sounds you have learned in school. The login details are Username: jan21            Password: home

Year 1:  Choose 'Phase 3' and 'air'                Year 2: Choose 'Phase 5' and 'ea'



Read for 15 minutes. If you need a book, look at the MyOn website or on Active Learn.

English: Samuel Pepys described some of the exciting things that happened to him in his diary so he wouldn't forget. Today it's your turn have a go at writing your own diary entry. Think about your best day ever! It can be any day you remember, whenever it happened. Use as many squares of the the comic strip as you need to draw pictures and write time conjunctions to plan your diary entry.

Maths: Watch this video. Look at the Maths halving worksheet below and solve the problems. You can work  directly on a piece of paper or in your workbooks if you prefer.

Religious Education: This week in R.E., we are thinking about some very big questions. Our questions are:

  • Who am I?
  • Where do I belong?
  • Who cares for me?
  • Who do I care for?
  • How does it show?

Could you talk about your answers to these questions with your grown up and then have a go at making a piece of Art that shows your answers to these questions. You might like to draw a picture of yourself in the middle of the page and then around the edge you could add the place or places where you belong and the people who care for you and who you care for. You can choose how you want to show your answers, be as creative as you like!