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Read for 15 minutes every day. If you need a book look at the MyOn website, or Active Learn (Bug club) or Rising Stars Reading Planet.


Yesterday we read the story 'Farmer Duck'. Today we are going to have a go at up levelling some simple sentences from the story. Can you make the more interesting using adjectives (describing words), adverbs (Sadly, happily, angrily) and make them longer by using conjunctions (as, so, because, and)?


Yesterday we looked at months of the year. Today we're going to look at days of the week, and putting events in chronological (time) order. I'm sure you know this days of the week song.

Watch this video and complete the  follow up activity or the worksheet below. Put the days of the week in order, and draw something you do on each day.


This week we are going to learn how to draw sheep. Follow the step by step instructions to drawing a sheep. Can you make your own sheep scene? There are also some sheep themed crafts on this website which you might like to have a go at.